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Ariel MacArran books

Ariel MacArran
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The Consort (Tellaran Series)

High Priestess Celara offered her a kind smile, her hands interlaced over her jeweled cane.     “How does she?” Alari asked, glancing up the grand marble staircase to where the empress lay above. Even this sitting room was thick with the smell of incense; red powder had been s...

The Consort (Tellaran Series) by Ariel MacArran

The Seer (Tellaran Series)

Jolar advised, resetting the target. He had reserved the entire Tano-Sertar indoor shooting range to teach her in privacy. “It’s important not to hold the blaster too tightly.”     “Okay,” Arissa said, trying to relax—no easy task with Jolar right next to her. A thousand times...

The Seer (Tellaran Series) by Ariel MacArran

Stardancer (Tellaran Series)

The Elders could crush a clan if they chose.     If I offend them in any way today . . .     Kinara felt a brush against her hand and smiled up at Aidar. Going against convention he’d offered as much physical affection as he dared publicly. Kinara straighte...

Stardancer (Tellaran Series) by Ariel MacArran

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