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Constance Masters
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My House, My Rules

Jay asked her when she finally pulled back a little and loosened herself from his embrace.“Yes,” she said nodding. “As a matter of fact, I do, apart from my damaged ass.”“You'll live,” he said giving her bottom a pat. “Besides, that wasn't a very hard spanking at all.”“It was plenty hard,” Alex s...

My House, My Rules by Constance Masters

A Lie Unraveled

Destiny said. “I really don’t. I do know that I’m sorry, for a lot of things. I’m sorry that I ran and didn’t give you the chance to explain and I’m sorry that I lied about having met someone else, but I’m sorriest for keeping Sophia from you all these years.”     “We can’t ch...

A Lie Unraveled by Constance Masters

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