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Dees, Cindy
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Hot Intent (Hqn)

Crap. There was some reason she wasn’t supposed to sleep. No, wait. Alex had promised he wouldn’t run out on her and abandon her again. She sagged back to the mattress in relief. Except something was still wrong. But what? Alex was curled on his side facing her, sleeping quietly. Lord, he was han...

Hot Intent (Hqn) by Dees, Cindy

Light This Candle (Harlequin More Than Words)

He and Cassidy tore out of the apartment and down to his truck. He raced across town like a formula one driver, using every offensive driving skill he’d learned in the military. They sprinted into the hospital and didn’t slow down until they were standing in the elevator watching the floor number...

Light This Candle (Harlequin More Than Words) by Dees, Cindy

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