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Tory Richards
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Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 (five) years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.   Names, characters and incidents depicted in this book are products of the author’s imagination or are use...


Dark Menace MC: Stone

Had Stone really just given me the go ahead to fuck around? Boy, that was a clear message that he didn’t care and that there wasn’t now, nor would there ever be, anything between us. Not that I’d wanted anything. I wasn’t naive. Just because the man had given me two of the most intense orgasms I’...

Dark Menace MC: Stone by Tory Richards

Bishop's Angel

As Angel waited for it to finish she took her vitamins and ate a yogurt. Sex always made her hungry. Having sex with a man like Bishop, well, she might have to eat two. Her thoughts drifted to the man upstairs, surprised at herself for sleeping with someone she didn’t know. But when Bishop had tu...

Bishop's Angel by Tory Richards

Scent of a Wolf's Mate

As soon as Connor was close enough to see the house and notice that the window bars were down he picked up speed, and so did his heart rate. He heard Max’s curse and realized he was thinking the same thing. Something must have happened for Rose to lower the bars! They reached their clothes and ch...

Scent of a Wolf's Mate by Tory Richards

Surrender to Desire

They’d found a large section of fence down and some cattle missing right before quitting time the day before. He and his men had worked through most of the night, rested a few hours until morning, and spent the whole day rounding up Longhorns. All but three pregnant cows had been found. And since...

Surrender to Desire by Tory Richards

On Fire

I was pretty sure neither of us would be able to spend the night in our apartment. Even if it was deemed safe to return by the fire department, the smell of smoke might be overwhelming, and whatever damages would have to be repaired by management. Going from past experiences, it could be a while....

On Fire by Tory Richards

Up in Flames

It had taken her a long time to get over her fear of taking the elevator. Only because she convinced herself that nothing would happen in the few seconds it would take to go from floor to floor. Maybe she had been a little naïve in thinking that way, but for three years, it had worked. She’d neve...

Up in Flames by Tory Richards

Pulled Over

Sunny glanced in her review mirror to see a cop car pull up behind her old Chevy truck. Her gaze darted back to the red light above her. It had to be the longest light on Main Street, and she began to get nervous. She chanced another glance in her mirror, thankful for the oversized shades shieldi...

Pulled Over by Tory Richards

A Perfect Fit

“So, where’s your truck?” Since she didn’t have a car, she might as well let him take her to the club. Her gaze skimmed over the array of vehicles lining both sides of the street. She didn’t have to ask which one was his. The medium-size, platinum-colored Hummer with the darkly tinted windows sui...

A Perfect Fit by Tory Richards


Wildman, their president wants her, but so does Stone, and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her.     Stone - unedited excerpt The door opened and a group of college aged kids came inside. I glanced at the clock. Yeah, it was about time they started showing up. Things were about to get loud a...

Obsession by Tory Richards

Burning Hunger

He hadn’t found anything suspicious, but he wasn’t ready to buy that some kid had pulled the fire alarm either. He didn’t believe in coincidences, and he always trusted his gut. Right now his gut was warning him not to let his guard down. He wasn’t sure if it was the result to any threat toward V...

Burning Hunger by Tory Richards

The Mating Ritual

She breathed in deeply the crisp mountain air, filling her lungs, thankful to be free at last. Six weeks as a juror on a murder trial and another two sequestered in a hotel room had taken its toll. She was thankful it was over and that her friend, Mary, had offered up her family cabin for a chang...

The Mating Ritual by Tory Richards

Yield to Me

As she roused more fully she became aware of other, more subtle changes in her body. Tenderness between her thighs; a lingering tingle that seemed to envelop her whole being. She felt warm; her breasts swollen and sensitive. A lengthy moan escaped her after running her hands down her body and gen...

Yield to Me by Tory Richards

Nothing but Trouble

“No, I haven’t spoken to Sophie since her abduction.” “Who do you think is behind this? Do you think it has anything to do with the upcoming elections? Are you…” “Please, one question at a time,” he interrupted with obvious annoyance, holding his hand up to cease the barrage of questions storming...

Nothing but Trouble by Tory Richards

Phantom Riders MC - Hawk

I wrapped my hand around Audra’s neck and pulled her to me for a hard kiss. I knew she’d have the softest, sweetest lips, and now that I’d had a taste of her I couldn’t seem to get enough. I intended to take my fill, too, and kiss her anytime I wanted, as much as I wanted. Even this one small ind...

Phantom Riders MC - Hawk by Tory Richards

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