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Read A Warrior's Path (The Castes And The OutCastes)

A Warrior's Path (The Castes and the OutCastes)

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A Warrior's Path (The Castes And The OutCastes) - Plot & Excerpts

-SuDin of Ashoka in year AF 2054 (name redacted)     In a nondescript, windowless room in the back of a nondescript restaurant somewhere in Ashoka, the Sil Lor Kum, Suwraith’s Human agents, met for an emergency session called by the SuDin, the Voice Who Commands.  The restaurant was to the south of East Vineyard Steep – the traditional home of the Sentyas – along a road running from Style Rod Privet to Palm Court.  It was a middle class street with nondescript homes, all of them unremarkable in their modesty and well-kept exteriors.  It was always so with the Sil Lor Kum.  Although they were wealthy, they never flaunted their affluence.  It was better to hide in the shadows, in places no one would think to look.  In a place such as this one: a room with unfashionable knotty-pine paneling and a too small fireplace; an ugly, bronze-colored chandelier with a single firefly lamp hanging from each of the arms to provide barely sufficient light; and a rug worn and frayed in the corners, its better days years past but still serviceable.  Everything in the room was perfectly plain and unassuming.

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