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Betrayed - Plot & Excerpts

“I’d just like to help out around here a little more,” she explained as she approached the fireplace with its nooks and crannies to do some dusting.
    “You don’t have to,” Lance said. “But you are certainly welcome to, if you want.”
    She took down a small airplane sculpture and began wiping it. It was like no airplane she had ever seen. It had wooden wings, gears attached to the propeller, and smokestacks!
    “I’m so intrigued by your work,” she told Lance. “These sculptures are just amazing. I can’t bring myself to believe an airplane like this could really fly!”
    Lance smiled from the kitchen area where he was cleaning and oiling his tools. “No, it couldn’t,” he agreed. “It’s a fantastical thing. There was an old song called ‘Steam Powered Airplane’ that inspired me on that particular project.”
    Brook wiped the light layer of dust from the nook and replaced the piece.

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