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Chaos Conquers All

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Chaos Conquers All - Plot & Excerpts

He had lain down next to her and held her till she’d drifted off promising to wake her in time for the shipment. He’d lain there well after she’d drifted off watching her sleep. He had been delaying the inevitable by refusing to walk out the door because once he did reality would hit. He’d have to deal with Trace, the gun shipment and they’d have to figure out what to do about the prospects. He hung his head as he thought about that. That was one hell of a secret to be carrying around. Tex didn’t know if the club would be able to get passed something like that. They couldn’t tell them. If the vote went the other way, he’d lose the woman he loved and he was just starting to get her back.
      Then there was the conversation he’d had with her before she’d drifted off to sleep. He hadn’t been able to hold off on asking her where she’d disappeared to before they took Daisy. For once she hadn’t tried to hide from his questions. Bridges had taken Slick’s siblings and used them to blackmail her in to meeting with him.

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