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Find Me I'm Yours (2014)

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Find Me I'm Yours (2014) - Plot & Excerpts

That was just one of the, oh, about two million questions the chattiest woman in all the land sitting next to me on the bus asked. She was in her late ’70s (I think?), and wouldn’t stop talking to me, saying random things like, “Joan did very well in the spelling bee. She misspelled martyr, but so did runner-up Tammy Cole of St. Stephens, Hazlewood.”
I was as sweet and cheerful to her as I could muster during the first hour. Then I couldn’t take it any longer. Luckily my earbuds happened to be in the pocket of the jacket I threw on before I had run out of the apartment last night, and thankfully they were not waterlogged from all the rain. But not as luckily or thankfully, the minute I turned on some music, my phone died. I kept pretending I was listening, tapping the beat out on my lap, and whenever she started talking to me again, which was often, I’d even fake sing along out loud with whatever song was not playing.
It didn’t take long to realize my seat’s unfortunate placement.

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