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Read Series: Barker & Llewelyn

by Author Will Thomas


The Limehouse Text (2006)

In The Limehouse Text, Barker and Llewelyn discover a pawn ticket among the effects of Barker's late assistant, leading them to London's Chinese district, Limehouse. There they retrieve an innocent-looking book that proves to be a rare and secret text stolen from a Nanking monastery, containing l...

The Limehouse Text (2006) by Will Thomas

Some Danger Involved (2005)

This is first in a series by Will Thomas. I definitely will keep reading more. My sister Cris, an avid reader of historical fiction mysteries, told me when we spoke recently that I'd really enjoy this series. She was right! Although it is a Victorian "private enquiry" detective story set in Lon...

Some Danger Involved (2005) by Will Thomas

The Hellfire Conspiracy (2007)

The Hellfire Conspiracy is set in London in 1885, and features the detective (more precisely "private enquiry agents") team of Cyrus Barker and Thomas Llewelyn; the story is narrated by Llewelyn. Their latest case begins when a distraught father makes his way into Barker's office to engage the tw...

The Hellfire Conspiracy (2007) by Will Thomas