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Read Series: Seal Team Seven

by Author Keith Douglass


Hostile Fire (2004)

The SEAL Team is put on high alert when an undercover CIA agent informs them of a secret nuclear weapons program being implemented by Al Qaeda. When the operative is murdered, the SEALs are left with little information other than the fact that the terrorists seek to detonate a nuclear bomb on Am...

Hostile Fire (2004) by Keith Douglass

Seal Team Seven (1994)

As twin torpedoes from a renegade Iranian sub streak into the hull of their escort ship, the crew of the Yuduki Maru looks on in horror... Their cargo includes two tons of weapons-grade plutonium. And now, with enough nuke fuel to arm a superpower, an alliance of fanatics threatens to poison a co...

Seal Team Seven (1994) by Keith Douglass

Specter (1995)

When a fanatical group of extremists attempt to break away from Greece by kidnapping and threatening to execute a U.S. congressional delegation, Lieutenant Blake Murdock and his SEALs team plan a dark rescue mission.

Specter (1995) by Keith Douglass

Under Siege (2005)

The explosive new novel in the special warfare series. When the First Lady is abducted by terrorists, the President knows only one man tough enough to handle the situation. Now, Lieutenant Commander Blake Murdock and his SEALs are going to pay the kidnappers a different kind of ransom--in blood.

Under Siege (2005) by Keith Douglass

Deathrace (2002)

Iran is building nuclear devices, and it's up to Murdock and his platoon to stop them. Only one person is qualified to dismantle the expert by the name of Katherine Garnet.

Deathrace (2002) by Keith Douglass

Nucflash (1995)

In the new World Order there is only one fear: A renegade state will gain control of a nuclear weapon and incinerate a city of innocent people. Now a team of cold, psychotic renegades is about to pull off the unthinkable... It's up to Lieutenant Blake Murdock and his SEALs to bring the bad guys...

Nucflash (1995) by Keith Douglass

Field of Fire (2003)

The SEAL Team Seven series is explosive! After an electromagnetic pulse bomb is detonated by the Syrians off the coast of Israel, SEAL Team Seven must enter the fray to rescue ten American college students trapped in the chaos..

Field of Fire (2003) by Keith Douglass

Direct Action (1997)

During an attack on a terrorist group in Port Sudan, Lt. Blake Murdock and his SEAL team uncover three million dollars in counterfeit currency. When officials link the money to an economic terrorism plot on the U.S. currency system, there is only one solution--SEAL Team Seven.

Direct Action (1997) by Keith Douglass