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Her Name in the Sky

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Her Name In The Sky - Plot & Excerpts

And it’s exactly as she remembered: a series of motions, a mouth pushing against a mouth, a tongue sliding against a tongue, and that desperate voice, somewhere in the depths of her heart, wailing in panic.
    Why aren’t you liking this? Why aren’t you liking this?
    They make out for long minutes, and Hannah holds onto the hope that she will feel something, that something will trigger in her lower body, that she will respond like any other girl. She remembers how Baker looked when she was pressed up against Clay, so Hannah places her hands on Wally’s shoulders and leans into his kiss, telling herself She liked doing this, and so do I.  They don’t stop until they hear Wally’s mom’s car in the driveway. They jolt away from each other, and Wally says “Wow,” and Hannah wipes at her mouth with the back of her hand.
      “Where’ve you been?” Joanie asks when she gets home.
    Joanie tilts her head, narrows her eyes.

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