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Love in Romance Arkansas

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Devine Destinies

Love In Romance Arkansas - Plot & Excerpts

I’ve been thinking about Grandmother’s shotgun lately. If she enjoyed the sport, maybe I will also.”
    “We can certainly try it, if you want. I’ve serviced, adjusted and loaded the trap machine so it is ready to go. There’s plenty of ammunition in the gun room, so we don’t have to reload any right now.” All right, thought she had forgotten about it. I bet she enjoys the game. She is pretty competitive, as soon as she begins to break targets, she will be hooked, I hope. “There are shooting glasses and ear muffs down there also.”
    “Ear muffs? Why do I need ear muffs?” she questioned.
    “I should’ve said hearing protection. It is easy to permanently damage your hearing without the proper muffs or plugs. We have both, so you can try each and decide which you prefer. Either way, the main thing is to protect your hearing with something that works. I use plugs under muffs to be doubly sure now. I say “what”

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