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Pulled Over - Plot & Excerpts

Sunny glanced in her review mirror to see a cop car pull up behind her old Chevy truck. Her gaze darted back to the red light above her. It had to be the longest light on Main Street, and she began to get nervous. She chanced another glance in her mirror, thankful for the oversized shades shielding her eyes. At least he wouldn’t notice she kept looking at him.
Dudley only had three cops in their piss-ant, small country town, and word was out that a new one had just been hired. It had to be the cop behind her because she didn’t recognize him as Joe, Stan or Mark, two of which she’d gone to high school with. Joe, the oldest, had been a cop for as long as Sunny could remember.
Was the damn light stuck? She began to feel sweat gather between her breasts, and took a few deliberate breaths to calm her racing heart. If he didn’t notice her expired tag it would be a miracle, and Sunny suspected it was standard procedure when a cop pulled up behind someone at a light that they automatically checked the tag.

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