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RETALI8ION: The Cobalt Code

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RETALI8ION: The Cobalt Code - Plot & Excerpts

“Food here?” asked Thomas.
    “Yes.  You can have whatever you want,” Regina said as she looked down at her tablet to see what time it was.  It had been just over two hours since she'd spoken with Artemis, and she guessed he was probably already inside.  “Let's go.”
    Regina walked up to the plain polished steel door and pushed it open.  The lobby was just as nondescript as the doors, with plain white walls, one other doorway on the back wall, and a small black desk sitting in the middle.  A single woman, wearing a very expensive black cheongsam, was sitting behind the desk.
    “Greetings, and welcome to Kusanagi's.  I am Yoko.  How may I assist you today?” the woman asked.
    Regina noticed, as she got closer that this was either an android or a cyborg.  Hard to tell.  But the body was undoubtedly a high quality model, as she could just barely make out the joint connections near its neck.

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