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Read The Billionaire’s Desires Vol.12-13

The Billionaire’s Desires Vol.12-13

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The Billionaire’s Desires Vol.12-13 - Plot & Excerpts

Two By Two A year later.
    Lunch for four. Camille, Marion, Céleste, and me. With laughter, confessions, and gift-giving all on the menu. If you would have told me three years ago that we'd be doing this, I never would have believed it! Once upon a time, putting Camille and Marion in the same room was a recipe for disaster – and cat fighting the dish of the day. As for Céleste, I would have paid to get even the slightest reaction. Her conversation was limited to monosyllabic answers, contemptuous looks, and killer putdowns. That's how this lunch would have gone down three years earlier.
    Today, everything has changed. I'm living the dream with my billionaire husband and his son. Our trio couldn't be happier, although I can't wait for our family to grow. Camille, Silas and Oscar have come back to live in France, moving into a sprawling villa in the hills over Saint-Tropez. My brother-in-law has found a new craze: race horses. He's thrown himself into rearing purebreds, to the amusement of his wife, who has nicknamed him Farm Boy.

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