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The Legend of the Phantom

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Jacob Nelson

The Legend Of The Phantom - Plot & Excerpts

It had now been so many years since his wife’s death, and every moment of it had been in the pursuit of wiping out piracy from every shore. Even though he had a fleet of ships now to choose from, and rotated them often, the pirates had become wary; constantly on the lookout for him.  At nearly every port he used a different variation of his name, yet every one of them was his: Kit Walker, Christopher Standish, Chris Columbus, even Sir Gerald Nelson after his mother’s relatives. But every use of his various names was always with the intent of surprise. He did not desire any of the evil men to disappear without earning their just rewards. He savored the look upon their faces when his death’s head belt was recognized and they knew he was a man to be reckoned with. Yet even with all those precautions, Christopher knew his days were numbered. He felt the twinge of guilt at keeping his son with him on these later runs, but he wished to be with his son as much as possible… especially in that knowledge of his limited days.

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