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The Seer (Tellaran Series)

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Here Be Dragons

The Seer (Tellaran Series) - Plot & Excerpts

Jolar advised, resetting the target. He had reserved the entire Tano-Sertar indoor shooting range to teach her in privacy. “It’s important not to hold the blaster too tightly.”
    “Okay,” Arissa said, trying to relax—no easy task with Jolar right next to her. A thousand times a day her heart whispered to her reach for him, to slide her hand into his, to reach for him across the wide expanse of their bed.
    It wasn’t the immorality of it, though she imagined if she were of better character that would bother her. Even her resolve not to be hidden had quickly worn threadbare over the past three days. She’d be no more hidden than Kemma was and Kemma wasn’t miserable or ashamed. Certainly Arissa didn’t condemn Kemma and Lian for what they had together.
    But she knew Jolar’s mind. How important loyalty and fidelity were to him. She knew once he took those final vows to another, he would forever be torn by keeping her as a shadow consort, no matter how above-board the arrangement was.

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