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Kelly's Chance

Kelly was shocked at her sister’s haggard appearance. Sarah had looked tired the other day, but it was nothing like this. Puffiness surrounded her sister’s red-rimmed eyes, indicating she had been crying. Something was wrong. Kelly could feel it in her bones. Mama, who hadn’t been told about Sara...

Kelly's Chance by Brunstetter, Wanda E.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Zombies

It contains a substance called hemoglobin, which gives blood its color and contains enough iron to make red cells subject to the effects of magnetic fields. Many cultures have used magnetic therapy to treat illness and encourage blood flow to specific parts of the body for centuries. A 2003 Unive...

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Zombies by Mogk, Matt

Ride for Rule Cordell

Five riders on four horses and a buckboard were black shapes against a brightening prairie. With Checker leading the way, Rule Cordell, Emmett, Rikor and Morgan Peale rode silently. London Fiss had volunteered to stay behind in town to see what might happen. A cold wind intimidated any clouds fro...

Ride for Rule Cordell by Cotton Smith

All Hell

It’s only by the grace of god my thick skull doesn’t crack like a walnut. Though it would serve me right. Tonight I was the textbook definition of fuck up. I had no one to blame but myself. Someone set me up. They knew just how to get to me and I blindly jumped into their trap. But I can kick mys...

All Hell by Allan Burd

Dark Screams: Volume Two

Striking skin; bullets with eyes of dried blood. Clinging to smooth stone, fortress walls, sleeping in chunks of shade that creep; shadow icebergs. Tourists. Heat. Salty half-moons under armpits. Sandals scuffing ancient rock. Turkish cigarettes. Lovers hold humid hands. A deserted city. Long dea...

Dark Screams: Volume Two by Robert R McCammon

Surrendering (Swans Landing)

I squeezed them shut, hanging onto whoever’s arm I had hold of. I drifted through the current that pulled me into the light, wondering for a moment if all the stories about death were true. Maybe this wasn’t the way to Finfolkaheem after all. Maybe instead of going toward the light we should have...

Surrendering (Swans Landing) by Norris, Shana

The Quarterback's Love Child (A Secret Baby Sports Romance Book 1)

The idea that I would only see Michelle at school was enough for me. More than enough, after what we had experienced yesterday. I just couldn’t get out of my mind how much we had changed and developed as a couple.     I felt in control of not only her body, but my mind too. Up...

The Quarterback's Love Child (A Secret Baby Sports Romance Book 1) by Stephanie Brother

On the Rocks

No, I needed her. The weeks of resisting her had broken down my restraint. As easy as it would have been to take her right there on the beach, I knew I couldn’t. I practically towed her back toward the condo, and up the stairs. Once inside, I kicked the door closed, only pausing to lock the door ...

On the Rocks by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Relentless Hope (Resilient Hearts)

He had a mild heart attack. On its own, the heart attack would have been manageable, but added to all of his other medical issues; it has left David in an extremely fragile state. The doctors recommended that he should either stay at the hospital longer or go to a long term care facility. Of cour...

Relentless Hope (Resilient Hearts) by Cassidy, Ashley

The Adventures of Sir Lancelot the Great

No other knight rescued so many damsels in distress or slew so many dragons or overcame so many recreant knights or, for that matter, kept his armor so tidy. He performed so many great deeds that he soon became known as Sir Lancelot the Great. Minstrels sang songs of his adventures, damsels sighe...

The Adventures of Sir Lancelot the Great by Gerald Morris

Undone Rebel (Undone Lovers, Book One)

“I’ve never done that before.” “I know, you told me. I want to be your first.” “We can’t have sex.” Lane grinned. She’d said can’t, as if she were blaming the contract for preventing that. That boded well for his post-C&C project plans for her. Not that he’d fuck her ass right out the gate an...

Undone Rebel (Undone Lovers, Book One) by Dubois, Lila

Dark Heart Surrender

What seemed like a nightmare turns out to be only that. I sat up, putting my hand to my face. An awful feeling rested in the pit of my stomach. My bedroom was deathly quiet, even the birds outside seemed to have stopped singing. It felt like an omen. Thudding heart. I pushed back the duvet and go...

Dark Heart Surrender by Monroe, Lee

Ghost Music

David joined us in the kitchen for a supper of thick lentil soup, but every few minutes the phone would ring in the library and he would get up to answer it. Each time, when he returned, he looked increasingly anxious. Helena kept glancing out into the backyard, and when Kate tried to talk to her...

Ghost Music by Graham Masterton


The same scenes were repeated every day, beginning at the Salon de l’Oeil de Boeuf, which was the antechamber to the royal bedchamber; to be received by Louis while still in his shirt was a mark of outstanding favour. Ladies and gentlemen elbowed and trod on one another from the moment the King r...

Clandara by Evelyn Anthony

All We Want Is Everything

Kids tossed pop cans down its maw, waiting to hear them clink. Some of the older tenants whispered that there was no bottom to the hole. I watched its edges spread, swallowing the courtyard that used to stand between the four apartment towers they built to keep us from messing up their city stree...

All We Want Is Everything by Andrew F. Sullivan