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Read Online: Paranormal Fantasy


Haiti After the Earthquake (2011)

SCHWARTZ    What do they do?I am in Léogâne, epicenter of the earthquake, ten days after it struck. I am addressing the question to Joseph (not his real name). Few people on earth could be better qualified to answer the question. Joseph is an American foreign service officer who has spent his thi...

Haiti After the Earthquake (2011) by Paul Farmer

[Queen of Orcs 03] - Royal Destiny

Despite the weather, Dar chose to press ahead. She had eight sons with her, and while they were encumbered by arms and armor, she felt that they could easily overcome any storm. Dar was eager to finish the distasteful business that lay ahead. Also, she longed to see Kovok-mah.    &...

[Queen of Orcs 03] - Royal Destiny by Morgan Howell

Darke Mission (2014)

asked Ethel, weak but alive.     “It’s in the van in one of Jim’s locked up garages. The van’s being re-painted and fixed up. A bit like yourself!” replied JJ, so glad that Ethel had survived and was recuperating on schedule. Ethel was in a private room at the Seoul National U...

Darke Mission (2014) by Scott Caladon

Flight Behavior.docx

But you’d better not take my words for it and start reading «Flight Behavior». This remarkable novel takes place in Appalachia. A disaster and denial are crisscrossed there forcing people to stick to their own truths, which differ dramatically. The novel focuses on a young woman from Tennessee, a...

Flight Behavior.docx by User


Never had Gwen thought that those words would come back to haunt all of them. But they had. Arthur’s current actions had brought them all to a stalemate. A chill mist hung knee-high above the ground around a lake and billowed higher above it. It was very quiet; a little splashing somewhere out th...

Gwenhwyfar by Mercedes Lackey

Delia of Vallia

With her lip caught up between her teeth, as a young girl in cold Evir, she had read of that mysterious continent of Loh and of the Queens of Pain.To be a Queen of Pain of Loh!She had never considered herself to be a cruel woman. She was merely the instrument chosen to redress the imbalance betwe...

Delia of Vallia by Alan Burt Akers

The Sadist's Bible

All characters, names, and events portrayed are fictional or are used in an imaginary manner to entertain. Any resemblance to any real persons, living or dead, is co-incidence or purely intentional for the purpose of satire. THE SADIST’S BIBLE By Nicole Cushing. Ebook first published by 01Publish...

The Sadist's Bible by Nicole Cushing


Daisy Miller, when she called in to see her on her ward round the next morning, looked cheerful. 'How was the movie?' asked Annabel.     'Great.' Daisy beamed. 'Well, from what I remember. I was too excited about all the famous people in the audience to notice much. And I was ...

Unknown by Unknown

Turning Points

When I was awarded the Bharat Ratna in 1997, Chitra Narayanan (the daughter of the president, K.R. Narayanan) took me, my brother and his grandchildren around the Mughal Garden. It was such an enjoyable experience that I expressed my desire to see the splendour of the garden during a full moon ni...

Turning Points by Kalam, A P J Abdul

Gracefully Insane (2011)

The Globe allowed me ample time to pursue this project over the past several years. Editor Matt Storin and Managing Editor/Administration Louisa Williams approved my requests for leave. My supervisor, Deputy Managing Editor for Features Mary Jane Wilkinson, was extremely generous in granting me t...

Gracefully Insane (2011) by Alex Beam

My Noiseless Entourage: Poems

They neither procure riches for me Nor burn my house down. They've left me dangling halfway Between good and bad luck.   A predicament I cannot afford to treat casually. I'm all on edge. I look over my shoulder. There goes some deadbeat Stepping on shadows of pedestrians As if they were scurrying...

My Noiseless Entourage: Poems by Charles Simic

A Gentlewoman's Dalliance

Society already believes she’s a scarlet woman. Why not become one? Posing nude to appease her now ex-fiancé perhaps wasn’t the most prudent idea Beatrice Weatherly has ever had. With the photographs scrutinized up and down the ton and her brother running them into debt, Beatrice’s hopes of makin...

A Gentlewoman's Dalliance by Portia Da Costa

Miranda's War (2016)

Then Stephen called Nate that afternoon to seek his support “as a town leader” in the primary without any mention of her. And she sent Nate an email thanking him for his “time and input” and attaching an article from the National Land Trust Foundation, in which she was active, about the current t...

Miranda's War (2016) by Foster, Howard;

Do You Think You're Clever?

How would you describe an apple?(Social and Political Sciences, Cambridge)‘Surely,’ said the nineteenth-century American poet and naturalist Henry David Thoreau, ‘the apple is the noblest fruit.’ And there is no fruit that has acquired such symbolic status and been so overlaid with meaning as thi...

Do You Think You're Clever? by John Farndon