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Read Online: Classic Literature


This Must Be the Place

Compared to what she had been used to in Manhattan, rush hour in Berlin wasn’t even that bad. On the occasions that she set out too early or came home too late, she still almost always got a seat on the subway. During the past ten days, as she’d been switching tracks in stations scattered all ove...

This Must Be the Place by Anna Winger

Dragon Wish

Paladin waited on the bow of his ship, watching for any sign of attack while his vessel drew nearer to the open docks at the base of the foreboding stronghold. Tension touched every muscle in his body, tightening them. Forcing his jaw to unclench, he glanced at his helmsman. “Order the flags up s...

Dragon Wish by Judith Leger

Ready Player One

Each fresco appeared in the exact location described in the original D&D module. I knew that hidden in the tiled stone surface of the floor were several spring-loaded trapdoors. If you stepped on one, it snapped open and dropped you into a pit filled with poisoned iron spikes. But because the...

Ready Player One by Cline, Ernest


Pimsleur, it’s called, and I first used it in 2006, when preparing for a trip to Japan. “I am American,” I was taught to announce, somewhat sheepishly, at the start of lesson one. Half an hour later, I’d advanced to 日本語がお上手ですね, which translates to “Your Japanese is so good!” It seemed a bit early...

Calypso by David Sedaris

Beautiful Boy

Biding my time, I continue my research into meth, this time canvassing the nation's preeminent researchers and asking them what is to me the bottom-line question. What would you do if a family member were addicted to this drug? They agree that the first step should be assessment. If an addict is ...

Beautiful Boy by David Sheff

Moonshine Murder [Hawkman Bk 14]

How do you plan to maneuver in the dark?” Jennifer asked."In case it's pitch black, I'm taking my Surefire LED flashlight. If I keep it pointed toward the ground, the beam should be hidden by the heavy foliage. Once I'm close to the corral, I'll turn it off.""Why are you even going tonight? We ju...

Moonshine Murder [Hawkman Bk 14] by Betty Sullivan La Pierre

Singing in Seattle

“Maybe we should go talk to them,” Aly suggested. “I want to make sure that the other kids aren’t as upset as Heather.” “Good idea,” AJ agreed. The cramped backstage area was a mess of folding tables and benches. The contestants’ guitar cases and other belongings were strewn all over. They spotte...

Singing in Seattle by Tracey West

Christmas is Murder (2008)

Without waiting for a response, he entered a room formally and abundantly furnished in the Victorian tradition—upholstered sofas in burgundy velvet and ornate mahogany tables, every available surface crammed with Oriental vases, statuettes, and framed photographs.     Over the...

Christmas is Murder (2008) by C. S. Challinor

1. That's What Friends Are For

Akin," Penny said the next morning. She placed the large package her mother wanted mailed in the window of the Payton post office and waited to have it weighed.     "Well, hello there, Penny," he replied. "Guess you're pretty busy these days, what with getting ready for your w...

1. That's What Friends Are For by Annette Broadrick

Drip Drop Teardrop, a Novella

The heady perfume of the dancing wildflowers would hug my senses every time the breeze rattled their song and took them with it on its journey to soothe my cheeks from the heat of the afternoon sun. The relieving scent of the damp soil when the sun had pushed the sky too far and it wept rain for ...

Drip Drop Teardrop, a Novella by Samantha Young

Unbearable (the TORQUED trilogy Book 2)

Monday morning, I’m rushing around his apartment trying to find my clothes when I see him at the kitchen table working on his carburetor he has torn apart. He watches me pulling my jeans on. His eyes regard me with a steady intensity, my face his focus. Once I have my jeans on, I make my way over...

Unbearable (the TORQUED trilogy Book 2) by Shey Stahl

Winter's Knight

“Haze,”he repeated. “Yeah,” Shea answered. “I had ta say something to you ‘cause if Clark’s sending someone, I’ve gotta warn you. Nothin’s what it looks like, and most ofit’s fuckin’ dangerous.” Lucian shook his head and Shea’s arm. “What were you... Wait. How do you know anything about... You do...

Winter's Knight by Raine, H.J.

The Dragon's Mistress (Dragon Erotica)

He was expected to negotiate some trade and to return with the Prince. Guinevere knew it was perfect timing so she and Cameron had prepared accordingly, equipping her with the necessary charmed objects. It would be several days before any one in the Royal Court realized she was missing; her tutor...

The Dragon's Mistress (Dragon Erotica) by Tessa Black

Democracy 1: Democracy's Right

the tactical officer said.  “The only shipping in the system are the asteroid miners and the local defence ships.”       Captain Daniel Hawthorne nodded, forcing himself to walk back to the command chair and sit down.  Peering over his officer’s shoulder was accomplishing noth...

Democracy 1: Democracy's Right by Christopher Nuttall

Shadow Chaser

There was practically no light at all and I had to keep my hand on the wall in order not to miss a sudden turn. The ceiling danced up and down like an earthworm trying to fly. Three times I hit the top of my head against it, but then after I took a few more steps I could stretch my hand up as far...

Shadow Chaser by Alexey Pehov