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Read Online: Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction


Shades of Blue (2011)

The units are built around a tree-lined cul de sac, on a narrow road that winds up just off Ventura Boulevard. I pull into one of the guest parking spaces and get out of the car. It’s so quiet I have to strain to hear the traffic. Hard to believe the noise and crowding on Ventura are just d...

Shades of Blue (2011) by Bill Moody

An Indecent Proposition

What he was doing was both undignified and foolhardy, but it would hopefully demonstrate his determination and the depth of his feelings. All he wanted was to have a short civil conversation. Well, that wasn’t all he wanted, but he would settle for a chance to be able to declare himself. The wind...

An Indecent Proposition by Wildes, Emma

Destroying Angel (2010)

‘I simply cannot believe it of Annabella,’ Paulette responded. ‘Not murder, anyway.’ ‘At the very least she’s a fraud and an accessory to arson,’ Susan insisted. ‘She’s a good actress, too. Keep an open mind.’ ‘But if Ruddock burnt the warehouse?’ Paulette said.     ‘Then he’s...

Destroying Angel (2010) by Sam Hastings

Tomb of Doom (2010)

It was a tight squeeze and he couldn’t see any light ahead. But the tunnel was sloping upwards and to Zac’s relief it wasn’t long before he climbed back into the main passageway. His SpyPad was on the ground near the edge of the hole. Zac grabbed it and checked the time. It was already dawn and h...

Tomb of Doom (2010) by H. I. Larry

A Game of Thrones.docx

Nevertheless, I found it quite hard to like the book at first and struggled with a number of issues. – Why is the world so full of fifteen years old wenches and swordsmen? This may be historically accurate but not exactly appealing, especially given the graphic nature of violent and sexual scenes...

A Game of Thrones.docx by User

Painted Ladies (2010)

I was making a list of what I knew and questions I had about the death of Ashton Prince. I always liked making lists. It gave me the illusion of control. There was certainly some kind of connection among Prince and Missy Minor and, presumably, Winifred Minor. And obviously one between Prince and ...

Painted Ladies (2010) by Robert B. Parker

Hell's Legionnaire (2012)

One moment the Moroccan sunlight was warm and peaceful upon this high pass of the Atlas Mountains. The next lashed the world with the sound of flaming Sniders and Mannlichers and flintlocks. Gray and brown djellabas swirled behind protecting rocks. Bloodshot eyes stared down sights. Scorching lea...

Hell's Legionnaire (2012) by L. Ron Hubbard

Tempt Me

Forgetting about Mara’s whining demand for answers, forgetting about everything, Cole took off running up the narrow alley that ran between Rocki’s store and the building next door. As he ran, he called 9-1-1. He tore into the back parking lot just in time to see her bringing something down on a ...

Tempt Me by Shiloh Walker

Rachel's Coming Home

Looking after Amelia was just as inconvenient as he had feared. It wasn’t that the child was troublesome in herself – quite the opposite, in fact. Most of the time she was as good as gold. It was just that he was all too aware he was supposed to be looking after her. There was only so much televi...

Rachel's Coming Home by Gillian Villiers

A Lethal Time (A Samantha Jamison Mystery Volume 4)

    “What accident?” I asked. “A year ago when he was riding that unpredictable horse, Boss, George broke his leg and bruised his ribs. I wanted to shoot that nasty horse right there on the spot.” I understood her frustration. “I see.” “No you don’t! All George did was sweet talk Sally and Tom in...

A Lethal Time (A Samantha Jamison Mystery Volume 4) by Edelheit, Peggy A.

Collective Mind

The young guy who had opened the door in the gate looked at Isaac closely and enquired politely: “Who’s asking for him… and on what business?” “My name is Isaac Leroy and I’m here on a personal matter.” The young guy looked Isaac up and down again, cast a glance at his scooter and opened the door...

Collective Mind by Klyukin, Vasily

Spearfield's Daughter (2013)

She had joined the Courier on the day Richard Nixon left the White House; she became associate editor of the paper on the day that Jimmy Carter was given the Democratic nomination for President. She did not go up to Madison Square Garden to cover the convention, though she would dearly have loved...

Spearfield's Daughter (2013) by Jon Cleary

Darkest Before Dawn (KGI series)

Her head ached vilely and she tried to lift a hand to massage her temple but found herself unable to.As her vision cleared, horrific pain—a keen sense of betrayal—sliced her into tiny ribbons until there was simply nothing left of her. Just a vague nebulous being that hovered somewhere between li...

Darkest Before Dawn (KGI series) by Maya Banks

Black Falcon's Lady (Celtic Rogues Book 1) (2015)

With a soft grumble, she burrowed beneath the coverlet Tade had pulled over their naked bodies after their last loving, reveling again in the spicy scent of his skin, the tenderness with which he held her, as though, even in sleep, he sought to treasure her. This was so new, so special, this sens...

Black Falcon's Lady (Celtic Rogues Book 1) (2015) by Kimberly Cates

Passionate Vengeance (2013)

She scrawled down the number for the Highvale Nursing Home. It was just past dawn and despite the fact she’d had almost no sleep and by rights she should be exhausted, the thrill of success sent adrenaline through her body. “I’ve got it!” she cheered, feeling exultant and ...

Passionate Vengeance (2013) by Elizabeth Lapthorne