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The Girl From Home

Jackie asks. They’re scrunched together on Jonathan’s twin bed. Jackie’s head rests on his bare chest. He can feel her breasts along his midsection. “I thought we weren’t supposed to talk about our spouses,” Jonathan answers. “I’m willing to make an exception this one time. I want to imagine what...

The Girl From Home by Adam Mitzner


My back ached and my hands were numb from the wrist restraints. It took every last ounce of self-control to keep from wetting the bed. I was now completely lucid and had spent the afternoon thinking about the events that had transpired the evening before. I reviewed the assault in my home, the at...

PALINDROME by Lawrence Kelter

The New Dare to Discipline (2010)

That placed enormous pressure on our imperfect family in those days. But God gave me good kids and we handled the fishbowl experience rather well. There were a few tough moments, however, that proved to be quite embar rassing.     One of those nightmares occurred on a Sunday e...

The New Dare to Discipline (2010) by James Dobson

Seven Nights to Forever (2010)

Strong, capable, and bare. He was not a man who wore gloves as a matter of course. Her gaze went back to the house beyond his broad shoulder. With its honey gold stone exterior, Honey House was an apt name. Neatly tended, low bushes underscored the three sets of windows on the ground floor. Four ...

Seven Nights to Forever (2010) by Evangeline Collins

Idaho Gold Fever

Martha Winston was a quiet woman. She didn’t say a lot, and when she did, she said what was on her mind with no hemming and hawing. Lester was lucky in that she wasn’t one of those women who talked a man to death. Doubly lucky, because she could cook. The food was delicious. Supper consisted of t...

Idaho Gold Fever by Jon Sharpe

The Lost Journal (A Secret Apocalypse Story)

OK, technically it is a diary. Dear Diary... Nah. I'm not going to do that. I just can’t bring myself to write those words. Even though I just sort of did write those words. But anyways… Yes, Kenji. This is a diary. But I think I'm going to call it a journal. Sounds less girly, I guess. So why am...

The Lost Journal (A Secret Apocalypse Story) by Harden, James


Empty eyes, shiny and hard like wet gray stones. Unwavering eyes, utterly still. Eyes without affect.     They sat facing one another on long black leather sofas, a large square glass coffee table in between. Nothing on the table. Nothing on the walls. The apartment cold, pris...

Switch by William Bayer

Secret Love

“, I gasped and we just still caught the train as the starting whistle sounded.After air struggling we sat down there saw us in.... and snorted off before laughter. We were in playful mood and laughed at every joke of the other.Affectionately I cuddled up to Sita... and enjoyed her nearness.At th...

Secret Love by Simone Kaplan

Want Me

Nate jumped at Shannon’s voice, although he covered it quickly with a cough. It was 6:30 a.m. and it wasn’t as if he hadn’t expected someone to be in the kitchen—the light was on, coffee made—but he hadn’t seen her sitting at the table in the breakfast nook. For reasons that only made sense when ...

Want Me by Jo Leigh

Copp In The Dark, A Joe Copp Thriller (Joe Copp Private Eye Series)

       Enroute, Elaine seemed to warm up a bit and began telling me about a series of "incidents" involving Craig Maan which just seemed too "queer" to be accidents. The trouble had begun two weeks earlier and just a few days after the investor group had come forward with their offer to produce t...

Copp In The Dark, A Joe Copp Thriller (Joe Copp Private Eye Series) by Don Pendleton

The Profilers

Everything appeared to be commonplace until a new member was noted. Huh, what an odd avatar—a cuckoo with the profile name, endangered.     The killer’s fingers flew over the keyboard as a search was done to see if that really was the case with that breed of fowl. Sure enough,...

The Profilers by Suzanne Steele

Guns & Dusty Roads: The Iron Brotherhood Series

Part of that, she was sure, was due to the fact that, thanks to stop and go traffic on her way into work, her steaming, extra-large cup of coffee had sat all but untouched in her car’s cup holder for the entire ride.  When she finally made it through the terrible snarl of traffic, it turned out t...

Guns & Dusty Roads: The Iron Brotherhood Series by Samantha Westlake

Bohemians of Sesqua Valley

H. Pugmire      Under the unmoving cloud, I wait. Still, I taste the nectar of that lake of blood, wherein I washed my innocent hands, and then my face, with gore that spilt from hands that knew no crime as yet. I take up one perfumed blossom from the lake of blood, a bloom wherein is curled a fe...

Bohemians of Sesqua Valley by W. H. Pugmire

Perfect Match

Although tired when he awoke at daybreak, he was not going to stay in the damn hospital bed. He cleaned up, dressed, and was waiting for breakfast, when he made a phone call. “Is Ned Stringer on duty this morning?” He paused, listening. “Let me speak with him please.” He waited listening to the s...

Perfect Match by Byrum, Jerry

Shadow Hunter (The Execution Underground)

She wished she could smash the delicate glass on the table and plunge the leftover shards into his neck. Waiting hand and foot on Caius Argyros Dermokaites sent waves of anger and hate through every inch of her body. As if rubbing shoulders with the creatures she hated most wasn’t enough, Caius w...

Shadow Hunter (The Execution Underground) by Kait Ballenger