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Read Online: Fantasy


Those Who Have Borne the Battle (2012)

Flynn, The Draft, 1940–1973, 230.2 Ron Kovic, Born on the Fourth of July, 73. Even though Ron Kovic is several years younger than I am, his Chapter 2 seems so similar in many ways to my experience, but obviously my boyhood was more rural. And, of course, my military service was not marked by the ...

Those Who Have Borne the Battle (2012) by James Wright

Lake Justice

One could see the greens, browns, reds, and golds of the forest stretching around the long, wide lake, but not the farthest shores, which shimmered at us with a ghostly hint of banks. I walked to the edge of the lake, where the grass ended, and a pebbly, slightly sandy narrow stretch began. The l...

Lake Justice by Devon Ellington

Law and Disorder

It was just past ten when I snuggled into bed with Gussie and the cat and made my nightly call to Ray. The air had cooled enough to leave the windows open and the air conditioner off. Somehow that seemed like a luxury. “I see you left several voice mails and also phoned a few more times without l...

Law and Disorder by Mary Jane Maffini

Cancer on Five Dollars a Day* *(chemo not included): How Humor Got Me through the Toughest Journey of My Life (2010)

TEN DAYS LATER You don’t get sick right away. My problem is I’ve seen a lot of movies where people get cancer and it seems that they’re throwing up the second after they start chemo. That’s what I expected, anyway. I figured right after the nurse yanked the IV out of my arm, waves of nausea would...

Cancer on Five Dollars a Day* *(chemo not included): How Humor Got Me through the Toughest Journey of My Life (2010) by Robert Schimmel

Trouble on the Thames (2015)

Ding-dong. Ding-dong.     A metallic boom floated vaguely into his consciousness, and with a protesting grunt Owen rolled over on to his elbow and reluctantly opened his eyes. His first sensation was one of utter bewilderment. For a moment or two he lay staring round the unfam...

Trouble on the Thames (2015) by Victor Bridges

Ready Player One

This was a senior-year elective where you learned about the history of the OASIS and its creators. Talk about an easy A. For the past five years, I’d devoted all of my free time to learning as much as I possibly could about James Halliday. I’d exhaustively studied his life, accomplishments, and i...

Ready Player One by Cline, Ernest

After Tex

The fight with Jake had been absurd. She knew that. But it had set off a whole slew of insecurities and stirred up anger and resentment that she’d kept pretty well tucked away inside for the past couple of days.The anger had been misdirected, of course. It was Tex she was furious with, not Jake. ...

After Tex by Sherryl Woods

Rat Runners

The only light came from the cracks around the steel door, which did not have a keyhole on the inside. Her wrists were bound by manacles, a twenty-four-centimeter chain between them, and another, longer one, attached to the ring in the wall over her shoulder. She had gone through the worst of the...

Rat Runners by Oisín McGann

Ponygirl Tales (2011)

D. would bury herself in her work, writing furiously for several days before emerging to present her newly-completed story to her male companion for his comments. One day, in the grip of the muse, D found herself writing about a naked girl who is made to pull a wheeled cart. Her companion read th...

Ponygirl Tales (2011) by Don Winslow

Museums and Women (2012)

TOKYO—A Japanese legend has excited some curiosity here, that Jesus did not die on the cross outside Jerusalem, but lived in a remote village on the northern part of the Japanese island of Honshu until his death at 106 years of age. The distances within His blue eyes used to frighten the children...

Museums and Women (2012) by John Updike

Natural Born Enemies (Cedar River Series)

I’d pulled up a chair next to Uncle Roman’s coffin and sat there pondering what the hell I had been thinking. Being Alpha was not what I’d wanted. I was going to have to quit the sheriff’s department. I loved that damn job and the people of Cedar River. I sure as hell didn’t want to take over the...

Natural Born Enemies (Cedar River Series) by Murray, Gemma K.

Rosemary for the Holidays (Consulting Magic)

Albans made his sleepy way out of the bedroom he shared with his grumpy – and still asleep – lover, Alex Benedict, only to find their flat had been transformed overnight. Evergreen boughs were festooned above the mantel and around all the doorways, entwined with fairy lights and red velvet bows. ...

Rosemary for the Holidays (Consulting Magic) by Amy Crook

Love and History (2013)

The fact that it went straight through him in a rush of power, honor and responsibility told him it was right. Her trusting fingers unbuttoning his shirt and caressing his skin proved to him it was real. “You’re sure?” he asked. He expected an eye roll, but instead, she stepped back and proceeded...

Love and History (2013) by Cheryl Dragon

Plunge (Alpha Athletes #1)

This was going to happen. I wanted Blaine Crews to drown out my shitty day. I wanted him to help me forget I had just lost my dream job. I wanted him to make everything fade to black, with nothing left but the two of us.     His hands tangled in my hair, tugging slightly on th...

Plunge (Alpha Athletes #1) by Violet Paige

Ultimate Cowboy (2012)

He’d hoped he’d gotten through to Will earlier, maybe triggered some memories, but apparently not.     The boy would rather go back to his abuser than stay with him.     That hurt.     “If you need to go somewhere, I’ll be glad to drive ...

Ultimate Cowboy (2012) by Rita Herron