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Monkie Business

‘Guess what?’ She plonked her bag on her desk. ‘I’m coming!’ Perdita was perched on the neighbouring desk talking to Claire. She grinned like a radiator. ‘Brill.’ Then she groaned like a fridge. ‘But can you believe it? Claire isn’t.’ ‘I’ve got to go to my cousins’ for Easter.’ Claire stuck out h...

Monkie Business by Thomas,  Debbie;

Magnificent Desolation (2009)

Both of these engagements had been booked by the Harry Walker Agency, with whom we worked on high-end events. We were scheduled to fly from Los Angeles to Hong Kong that very night. The evening before, Lois and I had joined a couple for dinner at The Grill in Beverly Hills, during which I broke o...

Magnificent Desolation (2009) by Buzz Aldrin

Deliver Us from Evil (2010)

US Marshals Office, Howard Baker Federal Courthouse Knoxville, Tennessee “YOU MEAN TO TELL me you had no idea your stepfather was here, in a drug-induced coma?” The Special Agent in Charge, Greg Daly, circled Jefferson in the conference room.     Pity for the ranger crawled ov...

Deliver Us from Evil (2010) by Robin Caroll

Pride and Prescience

Darcy,Pride and Prejudice, Chapter 10     Elizabeth inhaled deeply, drawing the crisp country air into her lungs to refresh both her body and her spirit. Though London offered diversions and an atmosphere unique in all England, her honeymoon there had confirmed that she was a country gi...

Pride and Prescience by Carrie Bebris

Lone Star 04 (2010)

She could curl up under a blanket on one side of the small room, while he kept watch. “You will be less comfortable,” he told her, “but you will be safe.” “I don’t think there’ll be any trouble, Ki. Really,” said Jessie. “And you’ll be right next door.” Ki pushed the point, but in the end Jessie ...

Lone Star 04 (2010) by Ellis, Wesley


Shimoda flew one passenger, then came over and sat on the grass as I worked.             "Richard, how can you hope to impress the world when everybody else works for their living and you run around all irresponsible from day to day in your crazy biplane, selling passenger rides?" He was testing ...

Illusions by Richard Bach

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (2008)

                  SUNDAY                   This book with lines in it is from my friend Sidney Stark. It came to me in the mail yesterday. It had PENSÉES written in gold on the cover, but I scratched it off, because that’s French for Thoughts and I am only going to write down FACTS. Facts gleaned...

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (2008) by Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows

Between Two Worlds

The first part is an Islamic religious ceremony, after which the couple is generally allowed to get to know each other more intimately than they would be permitted to do on their own, as a kind of sanctioned trial run. If this fails, the marriage is annulled. If not, the couple is deemed formally...

Between Two Worlds by Zainab Salbi

Naughty Rendezvous

With an ACE bandage wrapped around her ankle, she took a deep breath, counted to twenty, and began shoving his belongings inside box after box, not really caring what went where."Aren't you his assistant?” Libby asked from the doorway. “I've seen you before, and you're not pretty enough to be his...

Naughty Rendezvous by Lexie Davis

The Great Galloon and the Pirate Queen (2015)

  Stanley watched in awe as Captain Meredith Anstruther leapt around the wheelhouse of his fabled Great Galloon, yanking levers, tapping dials, and wrestling with the mighty brassbound wheel. Outside, the wind was howling, the rain was lashing down, and the clouds loomed all around like disapprov...

The Great Galloon and the Pirate Queen (2015) by Tom Banks


I sloughed it off, made them think it was nothing. He was nothing. Said I was too tired to talk about it. But Meg saw through my facade. She knew how I looked when my heart had been broken. She’d seen it before at Strandview Manor. But even if I had wanted to talk, the next day we simply hadn’t t...

Unspeakable by Caroline Pignat

ROMANCE: Billionaire Bear Mate (Paranormal Alpha WereBear Shifter Mail Order Bride Romance) (Paranormal Romance, Bear Shifter Romance, Werebear Shapeshifter) (2015)

Blake said. Madison was packing her bag when he walked into the room. He’d been planning their route online. “It’s going to be a twenty-six hour trip.”     “No way around it?” Madison clipped her suitcase shut and hauled it to the door. Blake watched her without offering to he...

ROMANCE: Billionaire Bear Mate (Paranormal Alpha WereBear Shifter Mail Order Bride Romance) (Paranormal Romance, Bear Shifter Romance, Werebear Shapeshifter) (2015) by Sicily Duval

They Dreamed of Poppies (a novelette)

Most of us didn’t even know how we were supposed to feel about the whole situation, the mission. The likelihood of survival wasn’t very good to begin with. Then again, chances were no better had we chosen not to go.     Much of the doubt stemmed from the mystery of the colonis...

They Dreamed of Poppies (a novelette) by Saul Tanpepper

Full Circle (Rockin' Country #3)

It still amazed her that all of these people showed up, even with the bad weather. They were dedicated in a way she wasn’t sure she’d ever be able to understand. As she did often, she pinched herself, just to make sure that this was her life. If anyone had told her two years ago, even a year ago ...

Full Circle (Rockin' Country #3) by Laramie Briscoe

Private House

Leaning forward, she felt the hot Havana sun on the back of her neck, and then the tangle of shrubs and vines in the overgrown garden pressed damp, heavy air up at her face. And it wasn’t ten, she thought. The tattered leaf of a banana plant sagged across her vision; she pushed it aside. Now she ...

Private House by Anthony Hyde