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Read Online: Historical Fiction


Wacko Academy (2012)

 The only sources of light were the streetlamps that bordered the park pathway.  Everything was at a standstill and quiet.  So quiet it sent a chill down my spine.  The air had grown cool, menacing.  A more than gentle breeze tussled my hair, played with the flaps of my jacket. We stood side by s...

Wacko Academy (2012) by Faith Wilkins

Rainstone Fall

We splashed from the Land Rover to the door from memory.     ‘What’s that awful smell?’ Annis asked in the hall.     I raced ahead to the kitchen whence the smell emanated and in my eagerness to knock the casserole off the heat managed to burn my fingers tw...

Rainstone Fall by Peter Helton

TouchStone for giving (The Story of Us Trilogy)

I stand and straighten my skirt. “Yes, of course.” I walk in that direction and he follows closely behind. Ayden and I stand at the foot of the bed, holding hands. He closes the door. “You’ve had the bolt repaired?” “Yes, Mr. Stone had his people sort that out for me.” I rest my free hand on his ...

TouchStone for giving (The Story of Us Trilogy) by Jamesson, Sydney

Library of Souls.docx

Library of souls is the sequel to Hollow City and the last part of the trilogy where the author draws everything to an end. Without doubt, not every adult is able to withstand all the ordeals which the main characters of the book, teenagers, have been through. To his surprise, sixteen- year-old J...

Library of Souls.docx by User

The Red Blazer Girls (2009)

Who knew? On Sunday mornings, Dad makes me my favorite breakfast of crepes with Nutella and bananas, along with this totally decadent coffee, chocolate, and whipped cream concoction that he claims he invented. After a night of tossing and turning imagining Leigh Ann and Raf having a fabulous time...

The Red Blazer Girls (2009) by Michael D. Beil

Drowning in Her Eyes (2016)

The Baker family rode the rails. There would be a new Chevrolet waiting for them there. It was an exciting time for them all, to see so much of their country. The train passed through the northeast, down through New York and Baltimore to Washington, DC, then across to Chicago and south through th...

Drowning in Her Eyes (2016) by Patrick Ford

Charlene Sands

He unhitched the horse from the buggy and took the time he needed to settle his nerves. He hadn’t been sure what he’d stumble upon when he’d approached the Cowper homestead, but Greta’s urgent warning had played havoc with his imagination.Ralph Cowper would have known his sorriest day if he’d str...

Charlene Sands by Taming the Texan

Grave Situation

  Allan found a small restaurant downtown. As he entered, he took in the people and the ambience with one sweeping glance. It was half-filled, he saw, with families and older couples. The décor had a rustic feel with red-and-white checkered tablecloths, wood floors and walls. He chose a quiet boo...

Grave Situation by Alex MacLean


She was innocent, it was written all over her face, body movement, gestures, and her curiosity. It was rare, pure and so few women had it, but it was unmistakable and perfect for training. Innocent ones were like little pups attaching themselves to their mother’s tit. The hunger that an innocent ...

Ravage by Carter, Elizabeth

The Perdition Score (2016)

Candy doesn’t wake up and Allegra is asleep next to Vidocq. I take the call in the kitchen. “Elsabeth called. It sounds like you had a busy night,” says Abbot. “Consider Burgess an early Christmas present.” “You’ll be interested to know that a lot of powerful people vanished into thin air last ni...

The Perdition Score (2016) by Richard Kadrey


I frowned at my younger sister, but glanced at Bastian Sithbrun between strands of messy, red hair. It had fallen from the usual knot when I’d wrestled with a temperamental hover dolly this morning, and I’d been in too much of a hurry to get here and talk Lux into letting me fly out to the supply...

Catalyst by Dani Worth

Irish Moon

She busied herself as Rose prattled on about the babe in her belly and what it would be like to have a son. The wedding would begin within the hour and Breanne laid out the only gown she owned suitable for the occasion. It was a pale lavender silk, threaded through with silver and gray and white....

Irish Moon by Amber Scott

Forbidden Forever

What am I going to do? I have never told anyone other than Michael this story and I am not sure if people will hate me for the person I was, or if they can put themselves in my place and understand where I came from. But how did she find out this secret I have kept for years? My parents don't eve...

Forbidden Forever by Christy Dilg

Set On Fire

Not ready to call it a day on her sexual side, she found she now had the time to cultivate her desires.  Her husband left her for a younger woman about ten years ago and she raised her handsome son, Taylor, alone.  He was moving out today, and she stood at the window watching as the small rented ...

Set On Fire by Strongheart, Yezall

Paula K. Perrin - Small Town Deadly

For a moment I was terrified I’d said it aloud, but Gene continued to watch me, waiting for an answer.  I turned away, taking a few steps along the road, watching the black-and-white cows tearing at the grass.     I couldn’t believe Meg would plot anything this ugly, that she ...

Paula K. Perrin - Small Town Deadly by Paula K. Perrin