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Making Out

Marianna asked Heather. Heather looked down at the tiny little green and gold evening bag that was lying beside her on the sofa in the hotel suite. Was it ringing? It was hard to tell, with all the noise of the endless poker game, the music playing in one room, and the TV droning on in the other....

Making Out by Megan Stine

Flight of the Crow (2015)

She opened her arms to him and he climbed into the indicated space gratefully. He felt as though his cock was broken. His balls ached, his ass burned, and the head of his dick was so tender, he fought the urge to cup it.     “What was that all about?” he asked as he took her i...

Flight of the Crow (2015) by Melanie Thompson


Alexandra’s stomach had been beset with a host of butterflies at the thought of the day stretching ahead with him, particularly after he’d helped her into the car with a gentle hand to the small of her back, sending a tingling frisson up her spine. She glanced at Sarita, the maid, huddled in the ...

Indiscretion by Hannah Fielding

Private Showing

What did I buy? Sex gizmos. Toys, electronic devices, even furniture, all designed to provide pleasure to the persons who used them. I also invested in exotic lingerie, S&M aids, and fancy costumes. Tonight, I shopped at a fairly new manufacturer I'd read about on the Internet. My goal? Furni...

Private Showing by Jocelyn Michel

Wishes and Wings (2011)

Once everyone was moving steadily through the trees, Alida went to walk beside her. “Are you all right?” her mother asked. “I’m a little scared,” Alida said. “Why would old Lord Dunraven make such a terrible law?” Her mother shrugged. “Your aunt Clare always says he thought daydreaming about magi...

Wishes and Wings (2011) by Kathleen Duey

Death Falls

He still felt guilty about digging up his neighbor’s dead pet and remorse about invading his privacy. Staring at the tin box sitting on the dining-room table didn’t help matters. If anything, it only reinforced the lesson he had learned next door—that some things were meant to stay buried. “Are w...

Death Falls by Todd Ritter

Corridor Man

“This is Bobby,” he answered.     “Bobby, this is Daryl Woodley.”     Alarm bells immediately sounded in Bobby’s head.     “Daryl, how are things?”     “Question for you,” Daryl said ignoring Bobby’s question. “Do you...

Corridor Man by Mick James

All Hat

The horse had put on a few pounds since the Queen Anne Stakes, and Jackson wanted to monitor his diet. He suspected that the grooms and exercise riders at Woodbine had been spoiling the celebrated steed. At the farm he put him in the front stall in the main barn. There were a couple of mares in s...

All Hat by Brad Smith

Pathway to Tomorrow

Izzie thrust her arm under Jodie’s nose and screwed her eyes tight shut. “Unless you pinch me hard I won’t believe it!”     “What?  That we’re going to stay with Marcus.” Jodie laughed at her.     “How can you be so casual?  We are not going to stay with Ma...

Pathway to Tomorrow by Claydon, Sheila

Death at the Trade Show: Target Practice Mysteries 3

We were running a bit late, so Mary and I pushed through the throngs of people to the Westmound booth. The Westmound-Andersson team was having a meeting first thing this morning, and Liam said he’d see if he could find something for us to do. But for now we were supposed to hang out at the table ...

Death at the Trade Show: Target Practice Mysteries 3 by Nikki Haverstock

Chocolate Cake for Breakfast

Mark was asleep in a broad stripe of sunlight, lying on his side with his arm heavy across my chest. The skin under his eyes looked grey and papery with exhaustion. Normally his ability to sleep anywhere, at any time, was legendary, but perhaps he too had spent the nights of the last fortnight st...

Chocolate Cake for Breakfast by Danielle Hawkins

Triple Dare

Or, more accurately, fire extinguisher in hand, along with a whole host of home security essentials, including a flashlight, first-aid kit and fresh batteries for the smoke detectors.     Nothing said “I’m sorry” like fire safety equipment, even though he didn’t have a clue ex...

Triple Dare by Regina Kyle

Escape From the Badlands

Betsy was sitting up now, against Kelly’s wishes. “I’m fine. I didn’t hit my head and I’m not going to the hospital. A hot shower is all I need.” “Betsy,” Chenko said. “Be a good girl now. Do what you’re told.” “I’ve taken worse tumbles than this. I…” He raised his voice a fraction to stop her fr...

Escape From the Badlands by Dana Mentink

Bliss Week: Yield and Surrender (Interview With Loose Women Series)

Length of  Recording 1:32:42   Interviewer: Let’s start with your age, sex, and place of birth. Subject: 21, female, and, um, I don’t want to say my place of birth. You said this was anonymous. I:  Answer only what you wish. Your age at the time of the encounter? S: 19. I: What were the circumsta...

Bliss Week: Yield and Surrender (Interview With Loose Women Series) by Safira

Falafel Jones - Max Fried 02 - Payback's a Beach

“What? But I was drugged. I don’t remember anything after dinner that night.”     I put my hand on her back in an attempt to comfort or at least calm her. “Could it simply be too long since she was dosed?” Brenda sat down and started chewing on her lower lip.    ...

Falafel Jones - Max Fried 02 - Payback's a Beach by Falafel Jones