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Amigos hasta la muerte

Aunque oficialmente era puente, ese viernes, el siguiente al Corpus, el centro aprovechaba para reunirse en claustro. Nada más entrar, a la izquierda, tras una puerta de cristal translúcido, estaba la secretaría, y allí se encontraron a la mitad del cuerpo docente en plena discusión acalorada. &n...

Amigos hasta la muerte by Nele Neuhaus

Furnace 3 - Death Sentence

Every time we passed a guard in the corridor he would nod at me, and I returned the gesture, knowing at long last what it meant to belong, to be a Soldier of Furnace.     ‘You have seen most of the prison, from one side of the bars or the other.’ The warden spoke over his shou...

Furnace 3 - Death Sentence by Alexander Gordon Smith

Contact (2010)

It was bucketing down by the time we got there. On the plus side, this meant the streets were all but deserted – no sane person would be out here in this. But the pouring rain also meant that we couldn’t count on Reeve waiting around for long. Assuming he’d come out here in the first place. Assum...

Contact (2010) by Chris Morphew

Unbridled (2010)

The sky was steel gray and she had a feeling there would be no riding, judging by the pregnant clouds that filled the sky. It might be a good thing since her behind and legs were still on fire from her ride the other day. She’d taken a long bath, but she felt every second of the time she’d spent ...

Unbridled (2010) by Beth Williamson

Blood Sacrifice (2011)

Edward sat stiffly against the cloth seat; the noise and bustle of the city shut out. The cab was silent and—oddly—cool. Edward leaned to peer at the traffic going by and didn’t see a single cab that did not have its windows rolled down in an attempt to circulate the hot, heavy ...

Blood Sacrifice (2011) by By Rick R. Reed

Take Me for a Ride

Thank God Nonnie wasn’t dead. Just to make sure, Natalie went to her grandmother’s refrigerator and found the magnetic card for her veterinarian. She rang the vet immediately. “Hello, this is Natalie Rosen, Tatyana Ciccoli’s granddaughter.” Nonnie had married an Italian man, which was how she cam...

Take Me for a Ride by Karen Kendall


Mac hugged herself tightly and watched them blur the line where wave met sky in a spectrum of heaving gray and black. Where she stood, outside Pod Six, the mid-afternoon sun scoured to a hard-edged gleam every section of mem-wood walkway, every rail, every ripple of ocean surrounding them all. It...

Survival by Julie E. Czerneda

The Headhunters

The shoreline at Selsey had always appealed to her as a place to walk: stimulating, never the same. And now its possibilities had increased.     The night had been mild for late September, but when she arrived in the car park at the end of the High Street, an offshore wind was...

The Headhunters by Peter Lovesey

An Autobiography of Jack London

The tramp enables thousands of men to earn honest livings, educate their children, and bring them up God-fearing and industrious. I know. At one time my father was a constable and hunted tramps for a living. The community paid him so much per head for all the tramps he could catch, and also, I be...

An Autobiography of Jack London by Jack London

Beautiful Boy

Biding my time, I continue my research into meth, this time canvassing the nation's preeminent researchers and asking them what is to me the bottom-line question. What would you do if a family member were addicted to this drug? They agree that the first step should be assessment. If an addict is ...

Beautiful Boy by David Sheff

There's a Spaceship in My Tree!

5 Goons, Geeks, and Other Life Forms “Hey, look, I’m sorry,” Beamer stammered as two kids carried him by the elbows over to the teen mummy. Kids all around were snickering and giggling. The bully’s head whirled around with a vengeance and immediately the pockets of laughter choked off. “I . . . I...

There's a Spaceship in My Tree! by Robert West

Anatomy of Restlessness (2011)

Her death robbed Harvard University of the finest glaciologist at work in the United States; I lost a close ally and a good friend. I cannot think of Estelle without recalling her humour, her capacity for statistics and the blind, unreflecting courage that lacked the imagination to turn round. He...

Anatomy of Restlessness (2011) by Bruce Chatwin

Luna Tango

This man had dated Iris? ‘Yes, I am sorry about your breakup,’ Carlos said. She took in Diego’s long fingers—the fingers that had once caressed her mother. Anger ripped through her. Iris shouldn’t have been with any man other than her father. If she’d just stayed put and worked things out like a ...

Luna Tango by Alli Sinclair

Manhattan 62

When the phone rang, I struggled to get to the kitchen to answer it. I was too slow. Whoever it was had hung up. In spite of myself, I was hoping it was Nancy. Burning up I lay on my bed, thinking about her. I wanted Nancy in spite of her and Max being an item almost since they met at Minetta. Me...

Manhattan 62 by Nadelson, Reggie

Heirs of the Fallen: Book 04 - Wrath of the Fallen

They had been shuffling along the glowing blue corridor, when everything became brighter than the sun. There had been a terrible roaring noise that grew until it surpassed hearing. Next thing, he and Ulmek were coming awake, both sprawled over broken rocks like clothes for drying. That baffling j...

Heirs of the Fallen: Book 04 - Wrath of the Fallen by James A. West