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Stowaway Slaves (2010)

A series of ropes, chains, and buckles had taken their toll on his flesh, and they conspired with the scars and burns on his back to form a detailed map of agony. He looked across at the others, but they all seemed equally pained and exhausted. Teo was picking some dirt from his toenails, Ruma wa...

Stowaway Slaves (2010) by David Grimstone


The rain had stopped an hour ago, leaving everything gleaming like silk in the sunlight, but more clouds were starting to roll over the treetops that separated their land from the moor. A big storm was forecast for later, and strong winds, the kind of tempest that could as easily set nerves on ed...

Missing by Susan Lewis

The Return of Nightfall

—Dyfrin of Keevain, the demon’s friend  NIGHTFALL AWAKENED as he nearly always did, without stiffening or changing his position, instinctively matching the deep in-and-out cycle of sleep breathing. His senses placed him in an instant: the warm scratchi ness of a woolen blanket, t...

The Return of Nightfall by Reichert, Mickey Zucker

Playing with Fire

She stared at the image of the perfectly styled woman on the television screen. Her face looked composed in spite of the fact that she was surrounded by throngs of shouting reporters and a pack of lawyers leading her into the county courthouse. Zoey had seen Helen Rose before, of course, but had ...

Playing with Fire by Emily Blake

Transmaniacon (2016)

And down. Between ship and elevator they had five minutes to glimpse the sky, and after that, all was underground. And undersea.     On either side marched tall men burnt dark by sun, dressed head to toe in gray-black sharkskin uniforms; the air was humid and sweltering above;...

Transmaniacon (2016) by John Shirley

The Ninth Daughter

Brethren! Countrymen! That worst of Plagues, the detested tea shipped for this port by the East India Company, is now arrived in the Harbor; the hour of destruction, or manly opposition to the machinations of Tyranny, stares you in the Face; every Friend to his country, to Himself, and to Posteri...

The Ninth Daughter by Hamilton, Barbara

Good Omens

Do not attempt it in your own home. “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Freddie Mercury. © 1975 B. Feldman & Co. Ltd. trading as Trident Music. All rights for U.S. and Canada controlled and administered by Glenwood Music Corporation. All Rights Reserved. International copyright secured. Used by permission...

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman


Two loud bangs, and my heart jumps. I wait for the sound of them again, but they don't come. I take off my shoes and run down the secret stairway. All the way down. Silently. The warehouse door is closed but a huge panel is broken off, the air's rushing through. I run back up and ask Mr. Frank to...

Annexed by Sharon Dogar

Love Letters from Ladybug Farm (2010)

Lori squealed, and flung open her arms. “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!” Richard thrust the roses unceremoniously into Cici’s arms and rushed to his daughter’s side, wrapping her in his embrace. “Now then!” he declared. “What’s all this I hear about you dropping out of the Olympics? The press has be...

Love Letters from Ladybug Farm (2010) by Donna Ball

The Cowpuncher

But Huck was not thinking of the wreck at that moment, nor of his own hairbreadth escapes from death. Moodily he stared straight ahead of him, his black brows drawn together. Finally he arose, stretched his arms above his head and shook himself like a great dog. “Mountain Indians, hell!” he growl...

The Cowpuncher by Bradford Scott

Frost and the Mailman

Ever since the U.S. Postal system had installed the groovy new machines to sort the mail things had gone more smoothly, but there were still people eyeballing stuff. And it was an unspoken thing that if any postal worker saw a letter that said “North Pole” or anything on it hinting that it was a ...

Frost and the Mailman by Cecil Castellucci

Death in the Tunnel (2015)

Immediately upon the conclusion of the interview Arnold went to Blackdown and saw the local police. Dredger, loudly protesting his innocence, was taken into custody.     Meanwhile the documents supplied by Mr. Harrison were submitted to the handwriting experts, with a request ...

Death in the Tunnel (2015) by Miles Burton

Rastor (Lawton Rastor Book 2)

I gave the sweater a quick glance. No lacy tank-top for me, huh?     Damn it. Stop being a dick. She looks great, and you damn well know it. Shit, she could be wearing a dirty sweatshirt, and you'd still be all over her.     Dumb-ass.    &nbs...

Rastor (Lawton Rastor Book 2) by Sabrina Stark

After The Fires Went Out: Coyote (Book One of the Post-Apocalyptic Adventure Series)

Sometimes it won’t go away no matter how much you want it to, no matter how much time you spend fapping to other girls.I miss Natalie. It was impossible being with her, after being with her sister for so long, but that doesn’t really change anything for me. I think she misses me, too, not that we...

After The Fires Went Out: Coyote (Book One of the Post-Apocalyptic Adventure Series) by Wolfrom, Regan

Coalescence - SF3

"I’m starving," she complained, her voice muffled by her lover’s skin. During their nap, Jamie wound up on her stomach, with Ryan’s dark head resting on her smooth back. She rolled off to allow her lover to move, and each of them spent a few minutes stretching out the kinks. "You’re gonna have to...

Coalescence - SF3 by Meagher, Susan X