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Read Online: Mystery & Thriller


Ready Player One

These planets all dated back to the early days of the OASIS, and each one re-created the environment of some classic text adventure game or MUD (multi-user dungeon). Each of these worlds was a kind of shrine—an interactive tribute to the OASIS’s earliest ancestors. Text adventure games (often ref...

Ready Player One by Cline, Ernest

Mary Poppins

Brill was reading the paper with her spectacles perched on her nose. Robertson Ay was sitting in the garden busily doing nothing. Mrs. Banks was on the drawing-room sofa with her feet up. And the house stood very quietly around them all, dreaming its own dreams, or thinking perhaps.Upstairs in th...

Mary Poppins by P. L. Travers

Mary Poppins Opens the Door

Banks, as she handed Jane two pennies and kissed her good-bye.Michael looked at his Mother reproachfully."Is that all you're going to give us?" he asked. "What'll happen if we meet the Ice Cream Man?""Well," said Mrs. Banks reluctantly. "Here's another sixpence. But I do think you children get to...

Mary Poppins Opens the Door by P. L. Travers

Chocolate Reality (2011)

Not the lingerie wrapped with vanilla scented beads or even that gorgeous white satin wedding gown hanging in my closet. Not the groom who ran away. Not the meaningful cards full of well wishes and deepest sympathies that accompanied the boxes of chocolates arriving on my doorstep. No - I take th...

Chocolate Reality (2011) by Steena Holmes

Full Moonster [BUREAU 13 Book Three]

Even the very grass under our feet moved trying to trip us. Cursing in a dozen languages, my team stumbled into a defensive circle firing every weapon we owned."Alex Haley!” I cried aiming my Magnums for the roots. A thorny vine ripped away the front of my shirt exposing the molded body armor und...

Full Moonster [BUREAU 13 Book Three] by Nick Pollotta

KnightsOfPleasure SKelly_Nook

The first touch of Tyler's mouth to hers and she was, to use a colloquialism, a goner. He was masterful, sweet and gentle in a demanding sort of way. None of which made sense, but there it was. He didn't seem to need to thrust his tongue past her lips, but was content to cherish them first, learn...

KnightsOfPleasure SKelly_Nook by Sahara Kelly

Vanished (2010)

The water in the harbor was so calm that every boat left a wake like a knife-edge, and the ocean beyond rose and fell in a lazy swell. The damp, still air seemed dense, and Molly’s hair was a heavy curtain on the back of her neck. She and Michael grabbed the last two parking places behind the old...

Vanished (2010) by Jordan Gray

The Four-Night Run

His arm was stronger than before, healing quickly, as if his body knew it had no choice. His muscles all were sore—he wore his pain like a tight-fitting bodysuit—but he also felt quick and lithe and ready for a physical challenge. During his short time on the run, his whole sense of self had some...

The Four-Night Run by William Lashner

The Billionaire Boss

Heather was seated in a chair.     "You wanted to see me, Mr. Cunningham." January made eye contact with Ariel briefly.     More than twenty-four hours had passed since they were last in each other's presence and, despite the hurt she felt, January was dete...

The Billionaire Boss by J.A. Pierre

Bind Our Loving Souls

I’d just finished erasing Jo Hanna’s memory of everything I’d told her about him. It had been hard to leave her behind, but leaving my parents would be ten times worse. Hopefully, my unnatural obsession with Enock would get me through it as it had everything else. We walked slowly up my driveway ...

Bind Our Loving Souls by April Marcom

Catwalk: Messiah

Leon looks out over the scrap yard, savoring the pause in the endless acidic rainfall. The puddles form and grow on the gravel of the rooftop. The air here is cool enough without the wind’s assistance. It’s quiet. A few stray locks of black hair stream across his face, not quite enough to interfe...

Catwalk: Messiah by Nick Kelly

The Ancient Ones (The Legacy Trilogy Book 3)

‘What of Samuel?’ Captain Orrell asked. He was alive, but dishevelled and in desperate need of a bath, not too dissimilar to Leopold.     ‘He lives, but he fights his demons. There is nothing we can do to help him, except leave him alone. What have you done with Jessicah?’ ‘Sh...

The Ancient Ones (The Legacy Trilogy Book 3) by Michael Foster

The Sphere: A Journey In Time

I set out across the central courtyard in a nearly perpendicular path from my own door and wound my way through the copse of elm trees that marked the center of the dome. I paused in the middle of the trees and looked up for a moment. The silence was oppressive. In Stratford there were birds flyi...

The Sphere: A Journey In Time by Michelle McBeth

Carpe Diem (2011)

Grandma Gerd gently shook my shoulders. “Frangi? Did you hear what I said?” I blinked rapidly. “It shouldn’t come as that much of a shock,” she continued. “You look nothing like either Leonardo or Althea. And you were a head taller than both of them at fourteen.” “But … not all children resemble ...

Carpe Diem (2011) by Autumn Cornwell

A Double Dose of Billionaire: Part Two

It had been a quick text. Curt and to the point, without any extra fluff or flowery words. I couldn't figure out whether that was the way they normally texted people, or whether Riley had gotten too pissed off to type more. Tyrone dropped me off at the airport, right in front of where the plane w...

A Double Dose of Billionaire: Part Two by Rachel Ellis