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Muffin Tin Chef (2012)

They range from blissfully easy to sumptuously complex and help prove that the side dish need not play second fiddle to any main. And with significant levels of nutrients, they are just as good for your health as they are for your palate.     RATATOUILLE MUFFINS The classic Fr...

Muffin Tin Chef (2012) by Matt Kadey

Tutankhamen (2012)

It surpassed the boundaries of archaeology and fired the imagination of people all over the world, profoundly influencing high, as well as popular, culture and made millions of people aware of ancient Egyptian civilization. Jaromir Malek1 The bout of Egyptomania which had greeted the 1922 discove...

Tutankhamen (2012) by Joyce Tyldesley

The Drinking Den (2010)

What was the sense in spending all that money? In addition to which, she was bit shy: she thought there was no point in spreading news of the marriage all round the neighbourhood. But Coupeau protested: they couldn’t just get married like that, not without at least having a meal with some friends...

The Drinking Den (2010) by Emile Zola

Lying in Wait (9780061747168)

Our newest doorman, Kevin, let me into the lobby, where I stopped long enough to pick up my mail and punch the Up button on the elevator. When the elevator door opened, there was a dog inside—a dog and no one else. And not just one of those little, yappy waste-of-fur dogs, either. This was a big ...

Lying in Wait (9780061747168) by Jance, Judith A.

Gone Girl.docx

It gives a good insight on how the actions a person makes can effect some else in a way. I like how the author changed the chapters in a way that the reader can get an insight in both on the main people. I also loved the use of detail and suspense in the novel. The plot twist was good, it had me ...

Gone Girl.docx by User

The Beautiful Mystery.docx

Located in the middle of nowhere, monastery of Saint-Gilbert-Entre-les-Loups is cut off from the rest of the world. It nestles on a remote island of Quebec, surrounded by wild nature. Twenty-four monks, recruited for their devotion and glorious voices have found a shelter there. They lead ascetic...

The Beautiful Mystery.docx by User

The Dashing Miss Fairchild

She is not best pleased to have the infant in the house, and I fear she resents my interest in him. I confess that I find her behavior odd at times. Am I foolish to desire this excursion be kept as quiet as possible?” Clare turned to face Richard as they neared her dwelling. She wished to settle ...

The Dashing Miss Fairchild by Emily Hendrickson

American Sextet (2004)

Like most Washington media types, he loudly proclaimed the exercise an orgy of back-scratching and hors d'oeuvre munching; nothing more than a chance to dress up and exchange trivia. When not officially invited for press coverage, media people publicly criticized these events, as if the act of pu...

American Sextet (2004) by Warren Adler

A Little Too Not Over You

It was the first time in a while that I had actually slept in. I loved my job, don't get me wrong, but sleep was also great.  I sat up, a little disorientated. Then, I remembered that I was back home. I also remembered why I was there. I smiled and hopped out of bed. I went to the place where I h...

A Little Too Not Over You by Pacaccio, Lauren

Trust Me (2015)

Silly little bitch, he thought. So beautiful. So obedient. She had passed out just as he had exploded—exquisite, simply exquisite—and slumped, first onto the edge of the chair between his thighs, and then fallen to the floor, hitting her face on the base of his chair on the way. A small dab of bl...

Trust Me (2015) by Javorsky, Earl

The Hour of Bad Decisions

“No way,” she said, not even looking up from her book. “It’s just a bunch of drunks I don’t know, and all their cigarette smoke and noise. I can’t think of a worse way to spend an evening.” She was in their bedroom, a blanket over her legs, knees drawn up into a small but stubborn mountain range....

The Hour of Bad Decisions by Russell Wangersky


Startled, she jerked and grimaced as pain entombed her leg. She stifled the scream as her mind reeled. Where was she? The interior of an NAH transport bus startled her a moment. Silent, she blinked the dregs of exhaustion aside and allowed the hushed conversation a few feet away to tumble through...

Redemption by Cara Carnes

The Guardian

After a few minutes, a young woman with a crying little boy at her leg opened her door and looked at Ross through the glass. Ross lifted his toolbox up and smiled, thinking that here was his chance to see if there was any truth to Reece’s adage about how you could go anywhere and steal anything a...

The Guardian by Bill Eidson

Defenders (2014)

Near Madison, Georgia. The gently sloping hill was covered with people, tents, and trash. There were people as far as Lila could see, from those high up among the copses of scrub pines dotting the top of the hill, to the throngs pressed right up to the outer fence, which had been set up to keep o...

Defenders (2014) by Will McIntosh

Claim the Bear

Breshia suddenly had something very real to live for, and now here she was, bumping around in Dillon’s passenger seat on the way to her death. Her timing sucked. She was pretty sure the Fates were smoking joints and sitting around laughing at their crystal ball. Dillon was silent and eerily still...

Claim the Bear by T. S. Joyce