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Alicia Quigley
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The Yuletide Countess: Harriet's Traditional Regency Romance

Harriet had barely noticed her bedchamber the previous night, so tired was she from the journey, and relaxed from the mulled wine she had enjoyed before dinner and in the drawing room afterwards. But, when she awoke, a maid had already drawn the curtains, while a cheerful fire had been lit in the...

The Yuletide Countess: Harriet's Traditional Regency Romance by Alicia Quigley

An Honest Deception

Lady Exencour was renowned for her dashing sense of fashion and her two companions were well-known members of the Corinthian set; thus anyone who pretended to sartorial elegance was interested in their appearance. They looked quite striking, with Isobel’s auburn head and white and silver gown set...

An Honest Deception by Alicia Quigley

A Duchess Enraged

Adam sneered at the constant parade of fashionable men who came in and out of the house and clustered around Allegra at every gathering. Allegra pointedly ignored Adam's wishes regarding her conduct and looked coldly upon his frequent visits to Half Moon Street. Their conversation, to Emily's dis...

A Duchess Enraged by Alicia Quigley

The Contraband Courtship (The Arlingbys Book 2) (2015)

Damaris did not mention the earl again, and Helena tried her best not to think of him. But in the carriage on the way home, her thoughts wandered back to his golden hair, and the glinting smile in his blue eyes. She wondered if he was disappointed when he came to the manor and found her gone. &nb...

The Contraband Courtship (The Arlingbys Book 2) (2015) by Alicia Quigley

That Infamous Pearl

He looked at Ferguson, who was standing nearby. "Is the supper ready?" he asked. "Of course, sir," he answered. "It is awaiting you in the upstairs sitting room." Alaric nodded. "I took the liberty of asking Cook to prepare a small supper for us to enjoy after the ball. Come along." He seized Row...

That Infamous Pearl by Alicia Quigley

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