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B.B. Wurge
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Billy and the Birdfrogs

Jubber Tries to Think The clock in our kitchen read 1:25. The thought flashed through my mind that I had made too much noise and somebody had called the police. I was in trouble now. They’d arrest me, and I’d get remediated and everything. I’d get sent to some horrible new family, a thousand time...

Billy and the Birdfrogs by B.B. Wurge

Squiggle (2013)

Nobody saw the little monkey galloping down the sidewalk except for the mailman, who thought it was a cat. After a few blocks Lobelia reached the entrance to a park where she ran inside, darted behind a hedge, and stopped to catch her breath. She put her furry little face in her paws and burst in...

Squiggle (2013) by B.B. Wurge

The Last Notebook of Leonardo (2010)

I didn’t like him. 3 We walked down the street in the snow. It was dark out already and the snow looked very beautiful falling through the cones of light underneath the street lamps. Sometimes people stared at us, and some of them laughed as if they thought it was a joke, but a lot of people didn...

The Last Notebook of Leonardo (2010) by B.B. Wurge

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