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Blake Butler
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Three Hundred Million: A Novel

What else.  All of that was not done in the name of you, I remember that. All that was done in any  Of us, done in the name of us. in god our blood the word of blood in god the name  And so that was you then, too, then, wasn’t it? Your language all over the walls  My hands, the house, the same ye...

Three Hundred Million: A Novel by Blake Butler


Where. Days go on beyond the want. In silent corridors they go on building—a what around the what-space that sits with silence and does exactly what it is—which is just nothing—and therein must go on beyond however you might think you’d make it stop. Without sleep the aggregate aggregates its agg...

Nothing by Blake Butler

There Is No Year

This time the son did not hide or close his eyes, though he could not see through them quite clearly. The room was fuzzed. The son’s arms were flexed as if for lifting. The figure in the hall stood unmoving for a long while. The son and the figure saw each other. The air around them seemed so emp...

There Is No Year by Blake Butler

Scorch Atlas (2010)

The bed cramped small and dirty; the air above her suffocating. The mother in her nightgown, tight, worn ratty where she rubbed her fingers in worry circles. She got up and left her husband crimped with his back toward her on the mattress and went downstairs. She went through the kitchen stuffed ...

Scorch Atlas (2010) by Blake Butler

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