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Brad Strickland
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Grimoire: Curse of the Midions (2006)

The trip to London was supposed to be for a simple reading of the will of some distant relative. Instead, things have gone terribly wrong. Jarvey Midion's parents are nowhere to be found, and he is suddenly in the middle of a mystery-a mystery involving the Grimoire, a magical book that has the p...

Grimoire: Curse of the Midions (2006) by Brad Strickland

Missing! (2004)

From Bad to worse... Landslides, a deadly climate, and the increasingly unpredictable weather of Mars make survival nearly impossible, but the most immediate problem facing the Marsport colonists is the dwindling water supply. The group decides to onstruct an automated station in a rift valley ...

Missing! (2004) by Brad Strickland

Crisis on Vulcan (1996)

A young Spock accompanied his father, the Vulcan diplomat Sarek, to the planet Marath to help negotiate a peace treaty. With the signed treaty safely in hand, they board the Starship Enterprise and head home. Spock is fascinated by the easy acceptance of his Vulcan culture by the bright, adventur...

Crisis on Vulcan (1996) by Brad Strickland

The Beast Under the Wizard's Bridge (2002)

There’s a bad omen that begins with this book and continues in the next one. It’s the “reference things from better titles in the series” syndrome, and it doesn’t bode well. Unlike some rather vocal critics who dismiss Strickland’s writing, I am quite comfortable defending his work continuing t...

The Beast Under the Wizard's Bridge (2002) by Brad Strickland

Marsquake! (2005)

A Startling DiscoveryThe colony is racing to complete its deep drilling project on the shoulders of Olympus Mons to tap the underlying heat of Mars for power generation. When an unexpected underground cavity collapses, a devastating quake damages a number of the buildings in the colony, most vita...

Marsquake! (2005) by Brad Strickland

The Ghost in the Mirror (1994)

this is Number 4 in the Lewis Barnavelt series, featuring angsty, geeky youngster Lewis and his tomboy best friend Rose Rita. this is the second solo adventure for Rose; in this one, she and wizened old witch Mrs. Zimmerman are transported back to rural Pennsylvania Dutch country, 1828, and must ...

The Ghost in the Mirror (1994) by Brad Strickland

Marooned! (2004)

There's no turning back. The year is 2085, and a new teen has arrived at Mars Experimental Station One, a colony built to test humans' ability to live self-sufficiently in an alien and hostile environment. Already in existence for ten years, "Marsport" is a functioning city of two thousand peop...

Marooned! (2004) by Brad Strickland

The Guns of Tortuga (2003)

Safe Harbor? Five months into their undercover search for the pirate Jack Steele, Captain Hunter and the Aurora head for the island of Tortuga to put in for repairs after a battle with a deadly Spanish ship. Davy Shea, now fifteen years old and accepted by the Aurora's crew, continues to help h...

The Guns of Tortuga (2003) by Brad Strickland

Heart of Steele (2003)

The cry came drifting down from the maintop, almost like a leaf falling from a canvas tree. I lifted my head from the coil of rope where I lay dozing. The air felt hot and heavy, as it had for more than a week. What breeze there was barely served to move the frigate Aurora forward. It was the sum...

Heart of Steele (2003) by Brad Strickland

Flight of the Outcast (2010)

"It's very simple, really. The Earl Vodros is Yalas Kayser. Lord Mastral's uncle."     Asteria looked sideways at Dai. He stared straight ahead, his jaw clenched and his face angry. She touched his arm. "He's having me court-martialed so I can't fly against Kayser?"     Dai nodded sharply. "I tol...

Flight of the Outcast (2010) by Brad Strickland

Curse of the Midions

By daylight they ate and slept, and some of Jarvey’s strength returned as the aches and bruises healed themselves. Jarvey sneaked down into the stairwell after the first day and spent hours standing at a narrow window looking out toward the palace. He saw a high brick wall, with guard boxes on ei...

Curse of the Midions by Brad Strickland

Tracked by Terror

He opened a door backstage and found himself in the same corridor he and Betsy had started in. There was the door to the loo, just opposite. If Betsy had stumbled onto this doorway, she had stepped right into the shadows behind the stage. And what had happened to her? Jarvey knew she was resource...

Tracked by Terror by Brad Strickland

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