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James Dobson
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Childless: A Novel

Renee had roped Tyler into “keeping an eye” on her father while she took her mother to a follow-up appointment, “just for an hour or two.” The moment she was out the door, he locked himself in his office—no, make that his new bedroom-slash-office-slash-closet space.     “Tyler...

Childless: A Novel by James Dobson

Godless (2014)

Angie said, examining a small stack of flame-charred hot dogs. “They might fossilize if we wait for the boys.”     Julia laughed at the jab. “How long does it take to gather a few sticks?”Angie pointed to a smattering of branches thirty feet away. “You mean like those?”Julia s...

Godless (2014) by James Dobson

The New Dare to Discipline (2010)

That placed enormous pressure on our imperfect family in those days. But God gave me good kids and we handled the fishbowl experience rather well. There were a few tough moments, however, that proved to be quite embar rassing.     One of those nightmares occurred on a Sunday e...

The New Dare to Discipline (2010) by James Dobson

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