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Jan Watson
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Skip Rock Shallows (2012)

This is the first book by Jan Watson that I have read. I was really drawn into the story. This book switches back and forth from the view of Lilly, to the view of Tern Still (a.k.a. Jo), a young man on a secret assignment. Unknown to Lilly he has a past that involves her. Tern is much older since...

Skip Rock Shallows (2012) by Jan Watson

Troublesome Creek (2005)

A charming historical novel set in the late 1800s. Born and raised in the hills of Kentucky, Laura "Copper" Grace loves the wilderness of her home in Troublesome Creek. But when her stepmother threatens to send her away to boarding school to become a lady, Copper faces the possibility of losing e...

Troublesome Creek (2005) by Jan Watson

Tattler's Branch (2013)

From where he stood in the alley between the Market Street Commissary and the cream station, he could easily watch the doctor’s office. It was Saturday night. You could tell even if you didn’t already know by the faint sounds of rowdy music from a couple streets over. You’d think the office would...

Tattler's Branch (2013) by Jan Watson

[Troublesome Creek 01] - Troublesome Creek

Meeting with her nursemaid, he laid out plans for the invalid’s next six months of care. He wouldn’t be back until early winter, and he wanted to be sure everything was in order. With the rising of the sun, his mind had cleared. The stirring in his heart the night before was replaced by calm logi...

[Troublesome Creek 01] - Troublesome Creek by Jan Watson

Still House Pond

Darcy hadn’t stopped nattering at her since she showed up on her doorstep early this morning. She hadn’t been sure what to expect—maybe a sisterly hug, maybe some care and concern? maybe fewer questions? She had barely had time to take her bonnet off, to the tune of Darcy’s sharp intake of breath...

Still House Pond by Jan Watson

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