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Jeanette Baker
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The Delaney Woman (2003)

This was an interesting story of Northern Ireland conflicts as well as a love story. I enjoyed the story, but I did not think that it was Jeanette Baker's best work, and I am a very strong fan of her books.The problem for me with this book was that all of the characters were a little too flawed. ...

The Delaney Woman (2003) by Jeanette Baker

Chesapeake Summer (2007)

In this sultry sequel to Chesapeake Tide, Baker takes readers back to Marshy Hope Creek, the town where Bailey Jones has always felt like a misfit. As he plans to leave for good, hes delayed by two events: the discovery of a long-dead homicide victim on land that was his until recently, and the r...

Chesapeake Summer (2007) by Jeanette Baker

Nell (2012)

Her name on his lips stopped her. She leaned against the wooden gate, buried her face in her arm, and drank in deep lungfuls of air.     His hand came down on her shoulder. “Jillian, please, let me—”     “I’m sorry,” she gasped. “I don’t know what came over...

Nell (2012) by Jeanette Baker

Chesapeake Tide (2012)

The herbs she’d hung from the ceiling in the back room were dried and ready to grind, and she’d decided to keep them in containers beneath the glass counter where people could see them. Occasionally, she would break into song, her rich, throaty alto filling the empty spaces in the room and rattli...

Chesapeake Tide (2012) by Jeanette Baker


What had she ever seen in him? Was it possible that hed always been like this and her six-month absence had opened her eyes, or had he gone to seed after shed left Kentucky? Worse still, was she comparing him to someone else, someone whose days were filled with the kind of labor that discouraged ...

IRISH FIRE by Jeanette Baker

Irish Lady (2011)

All of which bought us time. Elizabeth was furious, but she would not give up. With Essex gone she would send another, this one more versed in military strategy and less awed by stories of Irish devils with flashing swords and flying steeds. This time it would be a man less moved by emotion and u...

Irish Lady (2011) by Jeanette Baker

Legacy (2011)

Kate called through the door. “Mr. Douglas is here to see you.” I sat up, groggy and disoriented. My eyes burned, and I was conscious of a weariness more profound than anything I’d experienced before. I rubbed my cheek, and my fingers came away wet. The ache in my heart wasn’t imaginary. I felt a...

Legacy (2011) by Jeanette Baker

This Irish House (2012)

As soon as the plane leveled, Kate pulled out her laptop and settled down to finish her report. As long as she had an appointment with the prime minister, she would bring him up to speed on the progress, or lack thereof, of the Patten Report. Damn Robbie Finnigan. Her cool disdain for the man had...

This Irish House (2012) by Jeanette Baker

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