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John   O'Brien
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The Curious Adventures of Jimmy McGee (2005)

Jimmy McGee is a tiny, leprechaun-like man whose peaceful life is disrupted when he rescues Amy's doll Little Lydia from a monstrous wave that sweeps her off the beach. Can Jimmy find a way to restore Little Lydia to her original state as a "do-nothing doll" before he returns her to her rightful ...

The Curious Adventures of Jimmy McGee (2005) by John   O'Brien

A New World: Dissension

I am barely able to open one eye but make out Lynn standing over me. “Jack, wake up,” she says. “I had better be on fire,” I say hearing my voice as if at a distance. “Come on, Jack, wake up,” she says again. “I don’t really want to do that just now,” I answer. “Okay, Jack, you’re on fire,” Lynn ...

A New World: Dissension by John   O'Brien

ARES Virus: Arctic Storm

Having grown up in Kansas, the vastness of the world’s oceans never ceases to amaze him. Like his visits to the desert, it is a world of contrasts. Empty, yet full of life; stark with its minimal detail, yet beautiful all the same. The sheer size of even the smallest ocean makes him feel small. H...

ARES Virus: Arctic Storm by John   O'Brien

A New World: Sanctuary

Stepping up to the table with my M-4 at the ready and fully expecting a night runner to launch at me, I look over the edge.  A female night runner lies on the linoleum-tiled floor.  It looks up at me and emits another low growl that turns into a whimper.  The light colored blouse is dark with blo...

A New World: Sanctuary by John   O'Brien

A New World: Chaos

Those little snores remind me that I have to be more responsible and adept at analyzing situations; the choices I make mean more and have greater ramifications.  I have been fairly proficient at making good spot choices in various situations in the past and so I can’t be second guessing, but on t...

A New World: Chaos by John   O'Brien

Leaving Las Vegas

Her bed is saturated with sweat, so much that it could be wrung from the sheets, and it has grown cold and terribly uncomfortable during the night. It is her sweat, and though she hates the way it feels, against and alienated from her skin, she remains where she is, staring at the ceiling and vag...

Leaving Las Vegas by John   O'Brien

A New World: Reckoning

I know you may be tired of hearing it, but my mother spends countless hours trying to make sense of the hieroglyphs that I slam down randomly on the paper. She manages to turn my gibberish into something readable and I’m thankful for her. She has a highly enjoyable series out, The Blue Child Seri...

A New World: Reckoning by John   O'Brien

A New World 10 - Storm

I can't express to you enough how much I have enjoyed writing these books, or how much the characters have become part of my life. They talk to me, their words echoing in my head. Their encounters make my pulse rush. Their fears become my own. They have life, and within these pages, their story i...

A New World 10 - Storm by John   O'Brien

A New World [7] Takedown

People flinch with each building creak. Every noise causes all eyes to dart to the entrances expecting a renewal of the night runner assault. The stench of the night runners dead on the floor below mingles with the lingering smell of gunpowder. Everyone waits with bated breath for the sun’s arriv...

A New World [7] Takedown by John   O'Brien

A New World: Awakening

The lair has a chill to it that has been getting more so with the passing of the nights.  The passage of the days when he has rested has been fine but he knows he will have to find a warmer place soon or find a way to keep warmer.  His pack members provided warmth by huddling and he knows he may ...

A New World: Awakening by John   O'Brien

A New World: Conspiracy

The noise of the pack jostling to find places to rest echo in the large arena, eventually settling to a few grunts and groans. Michael wants to slump down and sleep with the rest of them, but thoughts, racing through his mind, keep him awake. With the two-leggeds occupying the top position, anxie...

A New World: Conspiracy by John   O'Brien

A New World: Return

 Small pieces of wood on the carpet below look like a box of matches has been spilled.  The edge of the light/dark demarcation glitters faintly from the glass on the floor, evidence of my grand entrance.  Next time I’ll try the door, I think looking at the shattered glass and then further into th...

A New World: Return by John   O'Brien

A New World: Taken

are crowded into the upper gym.  I’m thankful the night runners didn’t get in and that we didn’t have to retreat and defend that high place.  I didn’t realize we had brought in so many and that it would be so crowded.  It would have been a slaughter as there just isn’t any room to maneuver.  The ...

A New World: Taken by John   O'Brien

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