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Julie E. Czerneda books

Julie E. Czerneda
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A Turn of Light (2013)

I think my first thought is that this was a long book overall. I would actually give it a 3.5 rating but Julie Czerneda's writing was excellent as always and so I gave it the 4. The entire story takes place in about a weeks time frame so you can see it was possibly a bit drawn out. There are t...

A Turn of Light (2013) by Julie E. Czerneda

Regeneration (2007)

The plot was becoming a little convoluted by this part in the series, and there was a little too much going on. There were loops that kind of went off in various directions, like they were going to be very important, but they never really circled back. I can't tell if these were leftovers from ea...

Regeneration (2007) by Julie E. Czerneda

To Trade the Stars (2002)

Jason and Sira - he a human telepath and independent trader, she now Speaker for the Clan Council, as well as Jason's life partner - are trying to forge a life for themselves free of the demands of both the Clan and the Drapsk, a race determined to claim Sira as the long-awaited Mystic One. And a...

To Trade the Stars (2002) by Julie E. Czerneda

A Thousand Words for Stranger (1997)

Sira is on the run. The mysterious Captain Morgan has a starship. But if she goes with him, who will be at risk? Meet the Clan, shadowy figures of unfathomable power. Meet Huido, the lobster-like restauranteur. Meet the Trade Pact Enforcers, who have their own intentions. For events are beginning...

A Thousand Words for Stranger (1997) by Julie E. Czerneda

Migration (2006)

Part 2 of the series following biologist Mackenzie Connor, who gets caught up in a crisis involving a creepy biological threat to tons of alien worlds and races. Compared to the first book in the trilogy, this was slower, and had far less action or adventure (it takes place entirely on Earth, for...

Migration (2006) by Julie E. Czerneda

Changing Vision (2000)

‘Esen-Alit-Quar had violated the First Rule of her species when she revealed her existence to a human named Paul Ragem. And though both Paul and Esen had survived, others of Esen’s Web had not been so fortunate. Es could hardly believe that fifty years had passed since the terrifying events which...

Changing Vision (2000) by Julie E. Czerneda

Hidden in Sight (2003)

Julie E. Czerneda's acclaimed Web Shifters series continues with the story of Esen-the last survivor of a unique alien race. Able to take on the form of any creature she observes, Esen has long since broken the cardinal rule of her species: noninterference.

Hidden in Sight (2003) by Julie E. Czerneda

Beholder's Eye (1998)

'THE WEBUnited in their natural for they are one, sharing all their memories, experiences, and lives. Apart they are six, the only existing members of their ancient race, a species with the ability to assume any form once they understand its essence.Their continued survival in a universe filled w...

Beholder's Eye (1998) by Julie E. Czerneda

Reap the Wild Wind (2007)

From Publishers Weekly----- In this tantalizing prequel to Czerneda's Trade Pact Universe trilogy (A Thousand Words for Stranger, etc.), the roots of the Clan refugees are revealed. On the planet Cersi, the seven Om'ray clans coexist with the technologically superior Tikitik and Oud, who maintain...

Reap the Wild Wind (2007) by Julie E. Czerneda

In the Company of Others (2001)

When the terraforming crews introduced the alien Quill to worlds where they did not belong, they saw them only as a mindless form of fungal life. But the Quill multiplied and mutated until they were no longer harmless. In the ensuing chaos, many stations failed. For the survivors, their only hope...

In the Company of Others (2001) by Julie E. Czerneda

Rift in the Sky

Their gray eroded fingers stretched out and down, as if greedy for the lush land far below. Between plunged valleys, graveled and scarred and barren. Winter storms scoured what life was left after the M’hir Wind roared through and cracked stone. Spring meltwater gifted the valleys with gentler so...

Rift in the Sky by Julie E. Czerneda

A Thousand Words For Stranger (10th Anniversary Edition)

I touched objects, opened closets, and almost caught the true meaning of what was around me. I spotted a brown jacket sprawled over a table. Had I tossed it there before leaving for Auord? I picked it up thoughtfully, rubbing the nubbly fabric between my hands, trying to remember. The effort hurt...

A Thousand Words For Stranger (10th Anniversary Edition) by Julie E. Czerneda

Ties of Power (Trade Pact Universe)

I certainly didn’t want to go to Drapskii. But when the Drapsk announced with glee the Makmora’s arrival in their Home system, it was a little too late to worry about my plans or desires. And it was, I decided, as reasonable a destination as any. Much as I resisted the notion, the damage done to ...

Ties of Power (Trade Pact Universe) by Julie E. Czerneda

A Play of Shadow

Cynd asked.     Jenn opened her mouth, then closed it, knowing she couldn’t possibly answer.     There was a dragon on Frann’s bed. Her dragon. Out in plain sight.     By the soft murmuring from the room behind her, Frann was telling the...

A Play of Shadow by Julie E. Czerneda

Under Cover of Darkness

She pushed past him into the apartment. “Hey!” Vincent said sharply. The apartment was much the way she remembered it: looking (and smelling) of bachelor. In the half-light through the closed drapes—the ones she had made him the year before—she saw magazines and newspapers scattered on the couch,...

Under Cover of Darkness by Julie E. Czerneda

Riders of the Storm (2008)

By so little was it kept at bay, but it was enough. Inside, the oillights were dimmed, fires aglow. Bodies lay together, warmed by each other as much as the flame. They were all weary, especially the Grona. Hoping for a useful dream—or none—Aryl closed her eyes, listened to the steady music of br...

Riders of the Storm (2008) by Julie E. Czerneda


I’ll take care of this here and now. No one ever has to know . . . WINTER followed him down from Utah’s Marka gunt Plateau. Neil’s breath came in clouds of white as the temperature dipped down for the night, ending a sunny day of painfully blue sky for the crisp middle-desert night of brilliant s...

ReVISIONS by Julie E. Czerneda

This Gulf of Time and Stars (2015)

I grabbed for Morgan, feeling him take hold of me, both of us fighting to stay where we were, to resist that appalling summons.     . . . Sira . . .     It wasn’t from a living mind. Not anymore.     . . . . . s.i.r.a. . . .   ...

This Gulf of Time and Stars (2015) by Julie E. Czerneda

The Gate to Futures Past

None too soon. The tiny hooks of the cloaks not only held clothing tight—and those wearing it—but soon produced a burning rash on any bare skin left in contact. My people endured without complaint, outwardly calm and determined.     They wearied, as did I, huddled together; a ...

The Gate to Futures Past by Julie E. Czerneda


Mac hugged herself tightly and watched them blur the line where wave met sky in a spectrum of heaving gray and black. Where she stood, outside Pod Six, the mid-afternoon sun scoured to a hard-edged gleam every section of mem-wood walkway, every rail, every ripple of ocean surrounding them all. It...

Survival by Julie E. Czerneda

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