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Kathleen Duey
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Le Choix (2011)

Personally, I did not like this book at all. At first, in Skin Hunger, I was like, okay, Sadima has found true love. But she is constantly thinking of only herself and Franklin, and it pisses me off. She has no care for others. Somiss obviously dislikes her greatly, and it shows. Also what the he...

Le Choix (2011) by Kathleen Duey

Święte blizny (2009)

If you haven’t read book one, Skin Hunger, then be warned, this follows on directly from that so there are spoilers for events in book one.The book opens with with Sadima. At the end of Skin Hunger she, Franklin, and Somiss were driven out of their home by a fire and have escaped to live in caves...

Święte blizny (2009) by Kathleen Duey

Katie and the Mustang #2 (2004)

Joined by Hiram the farmhand, Katie begins the journey west. At first, she is unsure if the Mustang will follow, but much to her relief, he seems to trust her. Soon, Katie and Hiram meet up with a large family who invite them to join their caravan. For the first time, it seems as though they migh...

Katie and the Mustang #2 (2004) by Kathleen Duey

Blizzard: Colorado 1886 (1998)

Maggie Rose's trick on her spoiled cousin Haydn Sinclair backfires when he disappears on a hike, and it's up to Maggie to rescue him in a sudden blizzard in Estes Park, Colorado, in 1886.

Blizzard: Colorado 1886 (1998) by Kathleen Duey

Castle Avamir (2003)

Heart continues her quest to find Castle Avamir. She and Moonsilver, the unicorn that she rescued and now keeps hidden, are on the run from Lord Dunraven and his men. Castle Avamir is supposed to be place where unicorns can be safe and run free, but when a young girls riddles finally lead her to ...

Castle Avamir (2003) by Kathleen Duey

Titanic (1998)

Do u really like tragic stories if so you this is the book for you. The genre of my book is historical fiction. I thought this book was actually great.First of all this takes place in the ocean. This place is important to the story since that's where it mainly takes place and that's where the tra...

Titanic (1998) by Kathleen Duey

SURVIVAL! Fire (1998)

With the Chicago fire raging around him, Nate is desperate to get back to his aunt's boarding house, but somehow he's become responsible for the safety of Julie, also separated from her family.

SURVIVAL!  Fire (1998) by Kathleen Duey

Katie and the Mustang #1 (2004)

She is gentle and mild. I think she would let me go back out into the sunshine if she could. I don’t know where their lead mare is, but the older male who comes sometimes is cruel. Perhaps he has driven away most of his herd. Monday morning I woke long before dawn and lay in my pantry, unhappy, t...

Katie and the Mustang #1 (2004) by Kathleen Duey

Silence and Stone (2010)

“There is no reason for you to go,” Ruth was saying. “None.” “He is my grandson!” “I know that!” Ruth said. “And that’s why you should stay here, so in case things go wrong, you can help him later. Or simply be here when he makes his way home. I am the one who should go.” “Too many people depend ...

Silence and Stone (2010) by Kathleen Duey

Katie and the Mustang, Book 2

The little one led the way and stayed close. Her voice and hands were always soft, always gentle.         The night was nearly silent,just the sound of frogs and crickets, until it got really chilly; then they hushed, and all that was left was the creaking of Hiram’s wagon and the clopping of the...

Katie and the Mustang, Book 2 by Kathleen Duey

Katie and the Mustang, Book 3

Here, when I am upwind of the two-leggeds, I am content to walk with the little one, listening to her make her soft sounds.    It took almost two hours to get the wagons in a circle that first night. The drivers had botched it at our supper stop, and Mr. Teal was determined to get it done proper ...

Katie and the Mustang, Book 3 by Kathleen Duey


The wind bells hanging from the balconies above his head swayed, ringing. A shower of bricks crashed around him and he flinched. For a second he tried to make himself run. But what good would that do? Any building could be the one to collapse, to bury him alive. Finally, the shaking stopped. Bren...

Earthquake by Kathleen Duey

Fire: Chicago 1871

As they left Ned and his awful wife behind, Julie sat back and closed her eyes. They stung from the soot and grit in the wind. Her left knee was throbbing. She couldn’t remember when she had hurt it. When she opened her eyes again, Nate was looking over the wagon gate at the fire south of them, j...

Fire: Chicago 1871 by Kathleen Duey

Katie and the Mustang, Book 4

It is out there, waiting for its time to come. I would not want to be caught in these rocky pine forests by the snow. The two-leggeds are traveling hard. They must know the danger.         We were in the Blue Mountains now—the part of the trail everyone had always said was the worst. It was. Ther...

Katie and the Mustang, Book 4 by Kathleen Duey

Titanic: April 1912

the steward called out as Gavin went through the dining room, veering toward the stairs. Gavin didn’t bother to answer him.     At the top, Gavin darted out onto C-deck. The doors to the second-class library had been opened wide. There were people standing inside it, their bac...

Titanic: April 1912 by Kathleen Duey

True Heart (2003)

He took her hand in farewell and flashed her another grin. “I am Lord Irmaedith now,” he whispered, “but my name is Seth.” He bowed. “Good-bye, Heart. Travel safely.” Then he sprang back over the gate, and she heard him murmur to the guards. “Good-bye,” Heart whispered. It was strange leaving the...

True Heart (2003) by Kathleen Duey

Wishes and Wings (2011)

Once everyone was moving steadily through the trees, Alida went to walk beside her. “Are you all right?” her mother asked. “I’m a little scared,” Alida said. “Why would old Lord Dunraven make such a terrible law?” Her mother shrugged. “Your aunt Clare always says he thought daydreaming about magi...

Wishes and Wings (2011) by Kathleen Duey

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