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Lee Harris
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The Mother's Day Murder (2000)

TRUE CONFESSION--OR FALSE? Investigator (and former nun) Christine Bennett is appalled when a young woman claims to be the natural daughter of Sister Joseph, beloved Superior at St. Stephen's and Chris's dearest friend. But after the girl is murdered, all the evidence leads the police to believe...

The Mother's Day Murder (2000) by Lee Harris

The Valentine's Day Murder (1996)

THE BIG CHILL What really happened that tragic Valentine's night on Lake Erie? No one knows. Three old buddies--reckless Matty, successful Clark, clever Val--decided to cap Val's birthday celebration with a stroll across the frozen lake. They never returned. Matty's scarf was found snagged on ...

The Valentine's Day Murder (1996) by Lee Harris

The Silver Anniversary Murder (2005)

#16 in the Christine Bennett series. The ex-nun has left the convent, but still has strong ties especially with her mentor Sister Joseph. Chris has now married and has a son about to finish kindergarten. She makes a hobby of solving murders, often cold cases, that baffle the police. In this entry...

The Silver Anniversary Murder (2005) by Lee Harris

The Passover Murder (1996)

FINAL QUESTIONS.Until someone killed her, the only mystery about adorable Iris Grodnik was why she had never married. But for fifteen years, her strange disappearance and murder during a Passover seder has remained a troubling piece of family history.So when Iris's relatives ask ex-nun Chris Benn...

The Passover Murder (1996) by Lee Harris

The St. Patrick's Day Murder (1994)

An off-duty police officer is shot and ex-nun Chris Bennett and her police-detective boyfriend find this motiveless murder puzzling. Praying for a break, Chris pursues a killer along strange paths: a pilgrimage that takes her from a suburban convent to a Brooklyn fruit market, and deep into the s...

The St. Patrick's Day Murder (1994) by Lee Harris

The Yom Kippur Murder (1992)

When ex-nun Christine Bennett can't get into her friend Mr. Herskovitz's apartment to accompany him to Yom Kippur services, she discovers that he's been murdered. The police arrest someone almost immediately, but Chris isn't ready to end her own investigation . . .From the Paperback edition.

The Yom Kippur Murder (1992) by Lee Harris

The Cinco de Mayo Murder (2006)

#17 in the Christine Bennett series. The last entry in the series but ex-nun turned amateur sleuth goes out on a high note. The premise is a bit farfetched, because she will be accompanying her former mentor Sister Joseph to a conference in Arizona and staying on for some sightseeing afterward, s...

The Cinco de Mayo Murder (2006) by Lee Harris

The Thanksgiving Day Murder (1995)

A CELEBRATION OF ABUNDANCE BECOMES A DAY OF LOSS. More than a year ago Natalie Gordon went to buy a balloon at the Thanksgiving Day Parade and dissolved into thin air. The police and a private investigator still have no leads. So when Natalie's despairing husband pleads with ex-nun Christine Benn...

The Thanksgiving Day Murder (1995) by Lee Harris

The New Year's Eve Murder (1997)

THE PARTY'S OVEROn December 30, Susan Stark was dropped off in front of her parents' house. She hasn't been heard from since. Not a good scenario, especially in New York.Former nun (now crime investigator) Christine Bennett fears the worst. Armed with only a few phone numbers and a photo of Susan...

The New Year's Eve Murder (1997) by Lee Harris

The April Fools' Day Murder (2001)

A SECOND CHANCE TO DIEFor his favorite charity, the high school drama club, Willard Platt fakes his own murder as an April Fool stunt. But the repeat performance later that day is the real thing. And some, including the next-door neighbor, say he deserved it.Investigator (and ex-nun) Christine Be...

The April Fools' Day Murder (2001) by Lee Harris

The Bar Mitzvah Murder (2004)

Good story marred by pace, extraneous "travelogue" filler...We've been Lee Harris fans for quite a while, having read all fifteen of the prior ex-nun Christine Bennett mysteries. The series features Chris's introduction to the secular life after resigning from a nunnery after half her life at age...

The Bar Mitzvah Murder (2004) by Lee Harris

The Father's Day Murder (1999)

FRIENDS UNTIL DEATH Every year, the Morris Avenue Boys--chums since childhood--gather for a Father's Day reunion dinner. Now late in middle age, these men can bask in the rewards of honest success. So which of them seizes the opportunity that fateful evening to pull out an ice pick and stab to d...

The Father's Day Murder (1999) by Lee Harris

The Good Friday Murder (1992)

Christine Bennett has left the cloistered world of nuns for the profane world of New York State, where murder and madness are often linked. At a town meeting, Christine volunteers to investigate a forty-year-old murder case long since closed. Now she'll move heaven and earth to exonerate a pair o...

The Good Friday Murder (1992) by Lee Harris

The Christmas Night Murder (1994)

A Christine Bennett Mystery. A cheerful Christmas party at St. Stephen's Convent is spoiled when the guest of honor, Father Hudson McCormick, fails to arrive. Worried Sister Joseph asks Christine Bennet, a former St. Stephen' s nun, to investigate. Now every signpost points Christine into the pas...

The Christmas Night Murder (1994) by Lee Harris

The Christening Day Murder (1993)

Former nun Christine Bennett is looking forward to the christening of her friend Maddie's baby. But when she goes to the church basement of the town that was flooded out thirty years before, Christine stumbles upon the skeletel remains of a body--the grim result of a thirty-year old murder. Tryin...

The Christening Day Murder (1993) by Lee Harris

Murder in Greenwich Village (2006)

“Detective Jane Bauer is a most welcome addition to the ranks of fictional cops.”–Peter RobinsonWhen NYPD detective Jane Bauer and her team check in for their new assignment, they reopen a cold case that’s a real killer. Ten years earlier, police responding to a spate of late-night 911 calls from...

Murder in Greenwich Village (2006) by Lee Harris

Murder in Alphabet City (2005)

Newly promoted to detective first-grade with the NYPD, Jane Bauer, is back to work after a nearly fatal run-in with a killer. But while she’s happy to be back on the job, her new assignment–another cold case–seems to hold little promise of being solved. Eight years ago, Anderson Stratton, a schi...

Murder in Alphabet City (2005) by Lee Harris

Murder in Hell's Kitchen (2003)

After twenty years of loyal service, Detective Jane Bauer is just two months and one case away from leaving the NYPD for a cushy desk job. Her last assignment: working for a special unit that tackles unsolved crimes. At a crossroads in her personal life, Jane relishes the chance to lose herself i...

Murder in Hell's Kitchen (2003) by Lee Harris

The Happy Birthday Murder (2002)

IT’S PARTY TIME FOR A KILLERSuburban sleuth Christine Bennett is moved and intrigued by two poignant mementos treasured by her late Aunt May. The first is a sad little note mourning the death of a young man lost in a Connecticut wood; the other, an obituary honoring a wealthy local manufacturer w...

The Happy Birthday Murder (2002) by Lee Harris

Father's Day Murder

I had arrived before ten that Wednesday morning and parked my car in a garage a few blocks away so I would not have to run out periodically and feed a meter. She offered me coffee but I refused. I just wanted to get to work.It was an apartment in an old building, one with a foyer big enough to do...

Father's Day Murder by Lee Harris

Yom Kippur Murder

My car was still where I’d left it, apparently intact. In New York that often ranks as a happy surprise. When I first saw them, I was amused at the signs, in English and Spanish, hand-lettered and professionally printed, proclaiming that there was “no radio” in car after car parked on city street...

Yom Kippur Murder by Lee Harris

St. Patrick's Day Murder (2011)

Patrick’s Day Murder 2 I laughed as we went down the street. “You’re potted,” Jack said, putting his arm around me. “Just having a good time.” “That’s Scotty.” He stopped at a car, unlocked the door, and I slid inside. When he was behind the wheel, he looked at the dash for a moment before turnin...

St. Patrick's Day Murder (2011) by Lee Harris

New Year's Eve Murder (2015)

“You’re right on time,” he said. “Sit down and eat your grapefruit. This’ll be ready in three minutes. Give or take.” He’s very good at the “give or take.” I’ve been cooking for myself, and for him, for two years now, and I’m still a wreck about when everything will be ready. For Jack there’s jus...

New Year's Eve Murder (2015) by Lee Harris

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