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Nancy J. Parra
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Engaged in Murder (2014)

Pepper Pomeroy may have found her true calling. The unemployed event planner agrees to help her younger sister Felicity’s boyfriend create the perfect setting to propose. Pepper does such a great job, her future brother-in-law Warren things she could make a career of providing other men with a sp...

Engaged in Murder (2014) by Nancy J. Parra

Murder Gone A-Rye (A Baker's Treat Mystery)

I muttered. “We could have waited until the courthouse opens at nine A.M.”     “Shush and hold the light up a little higher.” Phyllis had a hairpin and a lock pick in her hands and was doing an impressive job of unlocking doors in the courthouse. There was a double click sound...

Murder Gone A-Rye (A Baker's Treat Mystery) by Nancy J. Parra

Engaged in Murder (Perfect Proposals Mystery)

I stepped up to find him hanging around my apartment door. He loomed large in the antique white-painted hallway.     “Hi, Pepper.” He straightened. “How have you been?”     “I’m fine. What do you want?” I had my keys in my hand but didn’t want to open my do...

Engaged in Murder (Perfect Proposals Mystery) by Nancy J. Parra

Flourless to Stop Him

The freezer was good for up to forty-eight hours as long as I didn’t open it. The back kitchen was pitch-black, with only the peephole in the door for light.     I pulled a box over and propped open the door to the front. The sound of the howling wind was much louder without t...

Flourless to Stop Him by Nancy J. Parra

Bodice of Evidence (2015)

That way if the wind took them in a wrong direction, they wouldn’t get hurt by hitting a car.     The first thing I did was make my way to the party tents. The two large tents connected to create a single room the size of a ballroom. At one end were several overstuffed couches...

Bodice of Evidence (2015) by Nancy J. Parra

Gluten for Punishment (2013)

“Hey, Susy, is Tasha around?”     Susy was a college student interning at the inn. The inn itself was another big old Victorian brick mansion built by the railroad barons, and then had been added onto by the oil barons. It had ten bedrooms and four floors. The ten-by-ten-foot ...

Gluten for Punishment (2013) by Nancy J. Parra

Newlywed Dead

I asked as I squeezed my way through family, friends, and some people I didn’t even know. Mom and Dad had folding chairs set up everywhere. In the corner of the living room was what appeared to be a coffee and tea bar. The dining room table was laden with platters of bacon and ham, heated serving...

Newlywed Dead by Nancy J. Parra

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