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Oisín McGann
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Under Fragile Stone (2012)

Ludditch climbed down from the back of his vehicle, the expression on his face a mask of hate. He strode over to where Emos stood waiting with his arms folded.     ‘You’ve crossed the line now, Myunan!’ Ludditch exploded. ‘You hurt my kin, you kill my brother and now you’re tr...

Under Fragile Stone (2012) by Oisín McGann

The Harvest Tide Project (2012)

He was in a soft bed, his head laid on down pillows, and he was wrapped up in a heavy swathe of blankets. The air around his exposed face told him the room was cold, but it just made him feel all the cosier snuggled up as he was. The bedroom was much smaller than the last one he had slept in, wit...

The Harvest Tide Project (2012) by Oisín McGann

The Poison Factory (2012)

The steps started again beyond the door, but something made the Root Street Gang stop when they reached the top of the stairs. A small cuddly toy – a dog – was lying on its back near the top of the first flight of stairs. It seemed to have fallen down the steps, and its legs were waving around, b...

The Poison Factory (2012) by Oisín McGann

The Gods and their Machines (2012)

He could make out individuals; there were personalities who were making themselves felt, eager to share their grief with him. The more time that passed, the less control he had over his body and mind, and he mourned the loss. He closed his eyes wearily and succumbed once more to the force of the ...

The Gods and their Machines (2012) by Oisín McGann

The Evil Hairdo (2012)

Wayne was already up; I could hear him whistling to himself in the bathroom. I went back to my room and put on some clothes, and then went downstairs for breakfast. Mum and Dad were already up and they gave me funny looks when I walked in. Mum was wearing an old bridesmaid’s gown because I had cu...

The Evil Hairdo (2012) by Oisín McGann

Merciless Reason

Each of the creature’s four stumpy legs ended in a chubby wheel with a heavily ridged, flexible covering. The legs themselves were short but powerfully sprung, the shoulders and flanks broad, with the narrow back bowed as if to take a saddle, which many of these creatures did. They were not as fa...

Merciless Reason by Oisín McGann

The Need for Fear

After what he’d just witnessed, it seemed that he’d hooked up with the old-age pensioner equivalent of the Terminator. The radicals weren’t going to come looking for any more hurt.     But the fight had evidently taken its toll on Robert. He was pressing his right hand against...

The Need for Fear by Oisín McGann

Rat Runners

The only light came from the cracks around the steel door, which did not have a keyhole on the inside. Her wrists were bound by manacles, a twenty-four-centimeter chain between them, and another, longer one, attached to the ring in the wall over her shoulder. She had gone through the worst of the...

Rat Runners by Oisín McGann

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