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Peter Helton
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Falling More Slowly (2010)

Six minutes to nine, very nearly done. She hated the new late opening hours. But libraries were struggling and it had been decided that more people would use the place if they stayed open late once a week. First Sunday opening, now late opening, soon all-night opening? She didn’t know if this rea...

Falling More Slowly (2010) by Peter Helton

An Inch of Time (2012)

Derringer lay asleep at the bottom of the bunk in a patch of bona fide Italian sunshine, exposing his golden belly fur to the warmth steaming through the window. For a long moment I just lay there, enjoying the unusual sensation of sunlight that I could feel as well as see, something I hadn’t exp...

An Inch of Time (2012) by Peter Helton

Four Below

Forensic analysis had thrown up a dizzying number of fingerprints, none of which looked promising. Some were of known drug-users, one or two of lowlifes who McLusky knew dealt small-time to finance other unsavoury habits. All of it was pond life that Deeming, who had been six foot tall and no slo...

Four Below by Peter Helton

Worthless Remains (2013)

‘Stomped off in a mega huff this time,’ Emms said, ‘and for once I don’t blame him. That was a very unkind message.’ ‘Paul thought it was polite, considering.’ ‘But at least we know now that the dart was meant for him, not Morgan.’ ‘Possibly,’ I said. ‘Always assuming that whoever weedkilled the ...

Worthless Remains (2013) by Peter Helton

Rainstone Fall

We splashed from the Land Rover to the door from memory.     ‘What’s that awful smell?’ Annis asked in the hall.     I raced ahead to the kitchen whence the smell emanated and in my eagerness to knock the casserole off the heat managed to burn my fingers tw...

Rainstone Fall by Peter Helton

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