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Roberta Gellis
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Chains of Folly (2006)

That Nelda Roundheels had been murdered would have been of little interest to anyone - except that her body turned up in the bishop of Winchester's bedchamber with a letter to the bishop, from the king's most important enemy, rolled up in her breastband. The bishop and his knight, Sir Bellamy of ...

Chains of Folly (2006) by Roberta Gellis

Desiree (2005)

Marriage saved her from a tyrant…and kept her from the man she loved.In order to protect herself from a ruthless suitor, Desiree of Exceat married the aged Frewyn of Polegate—sacrificing passion in favor of platonic companionship. But three years later Frewyn is struck with an apoplectic attack, ...

Desiree (2005) by Roberta Gellis

Roselynde (2005)

The end of her world . . . and the beginning of her greatest adventure In a time of lords and ladies, Lady Alinor Devaux was an anomaly. The mistress of Roselynde was young, uncannily intelligent, wealthy and had a reputation for being as fierce and protective as any feudal lord before her. Alin...

Roselynde (2005) by Roberta Gellis

A Mortal Bane (2001)

Roberta Gellis, acclaimed author of The Roselynde Chronicles, brings medieval London to life—and death—with her latest tale of splendor and squalor. Magdalene la Batarde is the madam of the Old Priory Guesthouse in Southwark. She and her women are expected to engage in a number of sinful delights...

A Mortal Bane (2001) by Roberta Gellis

Rhiannon (1994)

Medieval battles test the love of the court's most elusive nobleman and a Welsh princess--Rhiannon--who is untamed and beholden to none, as they encounter betrayals and wars. Reprint.

Rhiannon (1994) by Roberta Gellis

Alinor (2006)

Widowed Lady Alinor is unhappy as mistress of Rosalynde. When Ian de Vipont offers marriage to her as protection from England's ruthless King John, Alinor cannot deny the passion Ian arouses within her. Includes bonus features. Reissue.

Alinor (2006) by Roberta Gellis

A Personal Devil (2002)

When Sabina, the blind mistress of the Old Priory Guesthouse, accepts the offer of Master Mainard to live exclusively with him, everyone expects that Mainard's wife, Bertrild, would be glad to be rid of him since his face is horribly birthmarked.This was far from the truth. Bertrild attacks Sabin...

A Personal Devil (2002) by Roberta Gellis

Bone of Contention (2003)

As with the two previous books in this mystery series, I'm fascinated by the lead characters (an educated "whoremistress", the women who work for her, and the men in her life), I love the writing, and I love being immersed in 12th-century England for a while. But much of the time, I can't follow ...

Bone of Contention (2003) by Roberta Gellis

The Dragon & the Rose (1980)

The Dragon Henry had been hunted, betrayed and attacked by his political enemies since the day he was born. He had conquered his fear of the constant danger surrounding him, but ould he conquer the woman he had agreed to wed -- the woman who represented all he had learned to despise, the one who ...

The Dragon & the Rose (1980) by Roberta Gellis

Bond of Blood (1985)

This is a compelling, well-written novel set during the civil war between King Stephen and the Empress Matilda. Fifteen year-old Leah is married to the much-older Cain, Lord Radnor, and their love develops in spite of the various plots that are being woven around them. Roberta Gellis is brilliant...

Bond of Blood (1985) by Roberta Gellis

Joanna (1994)

A beautiful, iron-willed heiress to power, Joanna secretly burns with an explosive inner passion as wild and radiant as her flaming red hair. But her deepest emotions are tragically frozen by the cold fear of a man's tender love. Caught in the dangerous intrigues of King John's court, the noblewo...

Joanna (1994) by Roberta Gellis

A Tapestry of Dreams (1986)

The lovely Lady Audris, whose delicate fingers weave fables of the future unto her tapestries, whose special gifts and radiant beauty set her apart in an enchanted age. And the knight they call Hugh Licorne. In service to his king ... a hero in an age of heroes ... a princely suitor for Lady Aud...

A Tapestry of Dreams (1986) by Roberta Gellis

The Sword And The Swan (1994)

THE SWORDFierce, intolerant and fiery-tempered, Rannulf of Sleaford had no wish to marry again. But when Stephen, King of England, offered him a beautiful, newly-widowed girl, heiress to rich lands, as rewards for services in battle, he decided to accept.THE SWANCatherine knew she would have to m...

The Sword And The Swan (1994) by Roberta Gellis

A Woman's Estate (1984)

Fifth in the Heiress series. Abigail Lydden, widow of Francis, Lord Lydden, left America for England in the middle of the war of 1812 because her husband's father had died and her son was now heir to an earldom. Sir Arthur St. Eyre was also taken by surprise by Lord Lydden's death, finding himsel...

A Woman's Estate (1984) by Roberta Gellis

The Rope Dancer (1987)

Unequalled in her art, Carys danced for the danced in manor and village. Love was a stranger to this little rope dancer until Telor came along, the wandering minstrel whose love for her made his songs sweeter and more passionate. An exquisite novel of historical romance during the golden age of c...

The Rope Dancer (1987) by Roberta Gellis

Masques of Gold (1988)

In a grand and Passionate age... London's colorful marketplaces proclaimed the city's splendor and wealth - a golden prize disputed between King John's devouring greed... and the warrior barons who challenged his throne. From the flames of the bitter struggle came the men and women who dared to f...

Masques of Gold (1988) by Roberta Gellis

Winter Song

She was surprised at this, for she had fallen asleep quite soon after going to bed. However, she had awakened suddenly when she turned out of the small hollow of warmth that her body had made onto the cold sheets where Raymond should have been. She snuggled back into the warm spot, sighing with e...

Winter Song by Roberta Gellis


She heard her husband’s voice and tried desperately to understand so that she could answer sensibly, but no one seemed to expect any answer from her. She was so shaken by terror that she could not attempt to understand it. It was nothing new for William to ride to war in Richard of Cornwall’s tai...

SirenSong by Roberta Gellis

ASilverMirror (2012)

When they first left, Gloucester had believed that some basis for a firm peace would soon be found. The hopes, however, were fruitless. Whether the papal legate’s violent antipathy to Leicester and the Provisions of Oxford had influenced the French king or, as Barbara and Alphonse suspected but d...

ASilverMirror (2012) by Roberta Gellis

Knight's Honor

If he had heard de Caldoet's final remark, he gave no sign. It was true that he had accepted the offered challenge in a fit of temper, but he would have accepted it even had he been perfectly cool. He could do nothing else. The captains of his army had attended the parley, and to refuse would hav...

Knight's Honor by Roberta Gellis

The Cornish Heiress (2013)

The light from her lantern had seemed useless, swallowed up in the blackness, hardly piercing the dark enough for her to see to walk. But the letter leapt into her vision, beckoning to her in dimness where nothing else was visible. Megaera uttered a cry of joy and ran forward. She stumbled agains...

The Cornish Heiress (2013) by Roberta Gellis

Fortune's Bride (2013)

Nor, although she had had far too little sleep, did she feel in the least reluctant to rise. She hopped out of bed at once, washed, and donned her new riding dress with a delicious sense of excited anticipation. It took her only a few moments to roll her toilet articles into her new undergarments...

Fortune's Bride (2013) by Roberta Gellis

The English Heiress

However, there is considerable similarity in the problems confronting people of the Western world in these times. In the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, the techniques and concepts of government were changing from a loose feudalism to a centralized monarchy; in the eighteenth century, monarchy ...

The English Heiress by Roberta Gellis

Fire Song

With renewed energy they attacked Béarn’s men, whose attention was now divided. In addition, select groups of Bayonnese surged forward, not directly through the mass of fighting men but as close to the walls as they could get, their courage and energy renewed by a bright expectation of victory. I...

Fire Song by Roberta Gellis

Fires of Winter (2011)

The dry, bright days were a benefit and permitted us to advance swiftly toward Bristol. I must say also that despite her arrogant manners the empress did not slow us down. She rode as hard and fast as any man, and the only thing she did not complain about was the distance we covered. Perhaps she ...

Fires of Winter (2011) by Roberta Gellis

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