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Sasha Summers
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Hollywood Ever After (2012)

I happened across this lovely title by Sasha Summers, and, wow. It reads like a script...go figure!This contemporary romance tracks the budding relationship between divorced, mother of two, Claire Foster, and Hollywood leading man, Josh Wiley. ACTION!Here's how it goes: Claire visits LA for the p...

Hollywood Ever After (2012) by Sasha Summers

For the Love of Hades (2013)

After all the troubles and hardships, finally I found an eBook of this and have FINALLY read it. One thing is for sure, I loved it. Stories involving Gods and Goddesses, more specifically about Hades and Persephone has always intrigued me. ✓Love✓History✓Moral lesson✓MythThis story has them. And f...

For the Love of Hades (2013) by Sasha Summers

Medusa, A Love Story (2012)

I will never view Medusa just as a monster with serpents in her head that turn men to stone ever again.Be prepared to be transported to a different time-a different realm...where god and goddesses rule and play with mere mortals as chess pieces and where love binds a soul from Athens to Hades...o...

Medusa, A Love Story (2012) by Sasha Summers

Cowboys & Kisses (2014)

I really liked this book.Allie is pretty messed up. She didn���t want to move to Black Falls. She just wants to graduate and get the hell out of town. Before Black Falls she was your average teenager. A bit selfish and always wanting to party. Then it all went wrong. She thinks everything is her ...

Cowboys & Kisses (2014) by Sasha Summers

Twins for the Rebel Cowboy (2015)

“And then I found my teeth in my underwear drawer.” Grandma Florence patted Cody on the head.     Cody put the escaping gray kitten—the kitten making such a terrible racket the night of the storm—back on Grandma Florence’s lap. “Oh.”     Annabeth shook her ...

Twins for the Rebel Cowboy (2015) by Sasha Summers

For the Love of Hades (The Loves of Olympus)

He was tired, as he should be… as she should be. But she was not, not in the least.     She could not ignore the nervousness that threatened her happiness. She had seduced him… most thoroughly. In truth, she’d seduced him first but what followed had been of mutual accord. It h...

For the Love of Hades (The Loves of Olympus) by Sasha Summers

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