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Steve Shilstone
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Blue Hills (2012)

Long clear tones I breathed to waft from the Flute. No runs, no trills. Truth, my mind was fair occupied otherly, sifting and sifting thoughts of blue sand. I barely realized I was playing. Automatically my fingers moved. Such was so. Kar was somewhere, probably above me in the darkness as a wing...

Blue Hills (2012) by Steve Shilstone


It looks so such like one from the forge tunnels under the hedge. Oh, the table slab. How oddly smoothly cool. See, Kar! See what I have found! I bet that lantern is magic of a sort. I won’t touch it. Who knows what it’ll do?     I ventured closer to the mouth of the cave and ...

Woodlock by Steve Shilstone

Quen Nim (2013)

Delighted to find so such a spot, she’d performed what was to Nimble Missst a ridiculous gyrating dance of hollowite silliness. The moons, Jeth and Jith, both of ‘em fair nearly full, lit the landscape mysterious blue with black shadows. How many times had Nimble Missst floated as green wisps und...

Quen Nim (2013) by Steve Shilstone

The Wicked Wand

Magic slipped free from my grip and danced, spark and glimmer, eluding my frantic clutches. A lesson were learned then there. Unless I were held in Briny Brook’s hand, I were unable to grasp my magic. I vowed to change that bothersome fact. I vowed. Ye see how I were successful. Oh, it took a lon...

The Wicked Wand by Steve Shilstone

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