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Todd Ritter
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Devil's Night

“Connor, stop!”He didn’t, of course. Instead, he darted into a narrow alley that ran alongside the restaurant. Kat followed, sprinting as fast as her tired and aching legs would allow. Deep in the alleyway, they passed a back entrance to Maison D’Avignon and skirted by a row of trash cans. Connor...

Devil's Night by Todd Ritter

Death Notice

It was hours after they had found his body in the lake, but the image refused to leave his head. Every time he closed his eyes, he pictured Troy’s lifeless eyes, hidden under the two pennies. The image was unsettling, and it kept sleep from approaching. Guilt also kept Henry awake. It wasn’t his ...

Death Notice by Todd Ritter

Death Falls

He still felt guilty about digging up his neighbor’s dead pet and remorse about invading his privacy. Staring at the tin box sitting on the dining-room table didn’t help matters. If anything, it only reinforced the lesson he had learned next door—that some things were meant to stay buried. “Are w...

Death Falls by Todd Ritter

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