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Valerie Hansen
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Explosive Secrets (Mills & Boon Love Inspired Suspense) (2013)

I have really enjoyed this book. Nicki’s new found faith was strong, but her life was in shambles. She is pregnant, she lost her job, and she has someone trying to end her life. The madman called and finished the conversation with the word “Boom.” She called the police to report the threat, and t...

Explosive Secrets (Mills & Boon Love Inspired Suspense) (2013) by Valerie Hansen

The Hamilton Heir (2006)

"The Davis Landing Observer" Page 5 The Gossip Guru... hears tough tycoon Tim Hamilton--the "legitimate" son currently running Hamilton Media for his ailing father--was seen squiring his assistant, Dawn Leroux, around town last week. Inside information is that Tim wrecked Dawn's car and offered t...

The Hamilton Heir (2006) by Valerie Hansen

Everlasting Love (2004)

Therapist Megan White and James Harris, director of a boy's camp, clash professionally from the start--but neither can deny the strong attraction that soon sparks between them!

Everlasting Love (2004) by Valerie Hansen

Blessings of the Heart (2003)

When handsome single father Mitch Fowler and his two sons take shelter with Bree Bailey, the reclusive young writer's world is turned upside down! Stuck together for a week during a storm, they quickly find love and happiness together as a family.

Blessings of the Heart (2003) by Valerie Hansen

My Deadly Valentine

And the second. He figured it was best to give himself something constructive to do rather than simply pace the floor. Besides, he was the one actually living in the house they were using as a base of operations so that made more sense than having Logan come over and do it.Jace had been on plenty...

My Deadly Valentine by Valerie Hansen

Nowhere to Run (2008)

So much for anonymity, he thought; he was chagrined. Still, if this really was Jonathan trying to contact him, it meant he had an ally inside the old organization after all. That was worth a lot, both for himself and for Marie.“How are things in your part of Wonderland?” Seth typed.“Not so wonder...

Nowhere to Run (2008) by Valerie Hansen

The Troublesome Angel

He’d had to shorten a couple of business appointments and postpone his four o’clock in order to give himself time to buy supplies. Hopefully, his crazy plan was worth the effort. Rather than rely solely on Stacy’s innate sense of fairness he’d decided on a lighthearted approach. Opening the trunk...

The Troublesome Angel by Valerie Hansen

Out of the Depths

The vivid recollection of the last time he’d been catapulted into an icy river was. Cody didn’t feel pain, only sorrow and deep regret. His brain tried to shelter him by shutting off all thought while his life jacket gave him the buoyancy to rise to the surface without trying.The pressure of stro...

Out of the Depths by Valerie Hansen

Love Inspired Suspense July 2015 #1

The sack caught Dan in the back and sent him crashing against the gurney, which pitched onto her and punched the breath from her lungs.     Cole tore the gurney off her and propped it on its edge like a shield between them and the house. “You okay?”     A p...

Love Inspired Suspense July 2015 #1 by Valerie Hansen

A Trace of Memory (2014)

She fought him, as he’d expected.     “Let me go!”     “No. You can’t help Sissy by getting yourself shot. Calm down. Think. There must be something sensible we can do.”     There were tears in Emma’s eyes when she looked up at him. “Wha...

A Trace of Memory (2014) by Valerie Hansen

Samantha's Gift (2003)

Rachel had said very little more after her telling comment about her failed relationship with Craig Slocum, and there was no way Sean could hope to help her cope unless she chose to open up to him. Then again, she hadn’t asked for that kind of help, had she. So why did he feel compelled to give i...

Samantha's Gift (2003) by Valerie Hansen

Rescuing the Heiress (2011)

So much misery. So much loss. If she opened her mind to the vast hopelessness all around her she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to function at all, let alone make herself useful. Michael guided the buggy past the impressive Crocker and Huntington estates, then turned up the drive of the house sh...

Rescuing the Heiress (2011) by Valerie Hansen

Wilderness Courtship

She laid aside her daily journal and pencil and went to answer the knock.Cautious and more than a little tremulous, she grasped the knob, leaned against the thin wooden door and called, “Who is it?”“Me.”Her relief at hearing the familiar rumble of Thorne’s voice was so great it left her a bit gid...

Wilderness Courtship by Valerie Hansen

The Doctor's Newfound Family (2010)

Truth to tell, he hoped that that was all it was. Given the events of late, there was no telling what was actually going on inside the dark house. He knew the floor plan by heart, making it easy for him to wend his way through the kitchen and check out the other rooms on the ground floor. Nothing...

The Doctor's Newfound Family (2010) by Valerie Hansen

Nightwatch (2011)

But once the little dog had sniffed his discarded, damp boots and had checked out the edges of the fresh blankets, he trotted down the hallway toward Jill’s room. Cute little guy, Mitch thought, smiling as he watched him go. He was glad Jill had both an inside companion and the dogs outside to st...

Nightwatch (2011) by Valerie Hansen

Threat of Darkness (2012)

Instead, Sam stuck with John to make sure he was going to be all right. As soon as he had spoken with the first of the newly arrived officers regarding his role in the altercation, she took his arm and directed him down the hall to the E.R. While Samantha was helping fill out the necessary paperw...

Threat of Darkness (2012) by Valerie Hansen

Small Town Justice (2015)

When he’d wrapped his arms around her neck to thank her for letting him pet her dog, she’d had to fight to keep from weeping for the loving family she’d lost so long ago.     It was this town, she reasoned. That was what was bothering her. She’d not only cheated death since ar...

Small Town Justice (2015) by Valerie Hansen

Blessings of the Heart and Samantha's Gift

Rachel warned, taking care to hold tight to the child to keep her out of danger.He stepped back and dusted off his hands. “Wasn’t that a popular song back in the early seventies?”“How would I know? That was before my time.” She grinned. “I’m not old like you are.”“Oh, fine. Stomp all over my ego....

Blessings of the Heart and Samantha's Gift by Valerie Hansen

Healing the Boss's Heart

he shouted as they approached the office door. “The whole town is off-limits till we get it checked out.”Maya recognized the firefighter and hailed him. “Hi, Stan. It’s me.”“Oh, hi, Maya. Sorry. I have my orders.” He wiped perspiration from his brow with the back of his hand.“We just came out of ...

Healing the Boss's Heart by Valerie Hansen

The Silk Road: A New History

After stopping in Kucha, he crossed the Tianshan Mountains, visited the kaghan of the Western Turks on the northwestern edge of Lake Issykkul in what is now Kyrgyzstan, and then proceeded to Samarkand in modern Uzbekistan. From Samarkand, travelers could go west to Syria, return to the oasis stat...

The Silk Road: A New History by Valerie Hansen

Standing Guard (2012)

Lindy had passed the site often but other than the one time she had tried to apply for a job there, she’d never had reason to stop.     As Thad drove around to the rear of the largest metal building, she was struck by how isolated the manufacturing and shipping complex seemed....

Standing Guard (2012) by Valerie Hansen

Dangerous Legacy (2016)

Not knowing exactly where she was took much of it away. Most Ozark homes and farms weren’t located too far apart, but there were also untouched acres of forest that had claimed canyons, and any other land too rocky for pasture or crops.     Spent and discouraged, Maggie sat on...

Dangerous Legacy (2016) by Valerie Hansen

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