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William Meikle
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The Midnight Eye Files: The Amulet (2005)

Book I: Derek Adams is a Glasgow PI with plenty of time on his hands. Until the Bogart Case walks in. A priceless family heirloom has been stolen and everyone in town is looking for it. The stars are right once more, and an ancient evil has been awakened from its dreaming sleep. It was suppos...

The Midnight Eye Files: The Amulet (2005) by William Meikle

Green Grow the Rashes and Other Stories

He gave back an equally large grin as he turned the book around to show Tom Delaney the cover. "How to see the world on five dollars a day." "And what would you be wanting to see the world for?" Tom said, his heavy Irish brogue coming through thickly. "Sure and don’t the docks bring the world to ...

Green Grow the Rashes and Other Stories by William Meikle

Samurai and Other Stories

The wind-farm was going up fast, despite all the protests and hot air in the local press. After an initial flurry of excitement at the start of construction the townspeople harrumphed and went back to their more mundane concerns, leaving Patty as one of the few still interested in the new forest ...

Samurai and Other Stories by William Meikle

The Amulet

I stood under the coldest shower for ten minutes, and even then it took two coffees and a cigarette to get my brain into gear. There was a pervading stink of stale vomit in the bedroom, and it was only then that I remembered the sickness on my trousers. After consigning all of yesterday's clothes...

The Amulet by William Meikle

Flower of Scotland

~-oO0Oo-~ Turn Again * The Yule Log * Twitterspace * Supply and Demand * At the Beach * Flower of Scotland * Habit * Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral * The Last Day of Summer * The Strange Case of Dr McIntyre * Rickman’s Plasma * Can You Hear Them? * #dreaming * The Young Lochinvar *     ~-oO0Oo-~  ...

Flower of Scotland by William Meikle

Flower of Scotland 2

  Dancers * Too Many * The Worst Sound * The Shoogling Jenny * Metastasis * Phantom Payment * The First Silkie * Lucidity * The Scotsman’s Fiddle * The World of Illusion * Just a Par to Win * Bait and Switch * Jake and the Cat's Paw * Total Mental Quality * The Just One *     ~-oO0Oo-~   Dancers ...

Flower of Scotland 2 by William Meikle


It happened to be a clear, calm day with barely a ripple on the surface of the loch.“What do you say?” he said. “A wee trip down the loch, then a few beers in the Dunvegan later? That is if you don’t mind me kipping on your couch again?”“Just as long as you still respect me in the morning,” I sai...

Tormentor by William Meikle

Eldren: The Book of the Dark

The sun banged down from almost straight overhead, Tony’s shadow a deep black puddle around his feet. He could feel the beads of sweat bubbling up on his forehead and soaking into his unruly mop of hair. The hills, which were barely a mile from the town, swam in the haze as if covered in a thin f...

Eldren: The Book of the Dark by William Meikle

The Sirens - 02

I gave him the beer. His old companions all started moving towards him, but he raised the glass and downed the remainder of the beer in two gulps, laughing like a maniac as he showed them the empty glass. I moved away in case he threw up, while the rest of the old men hurled enough abuse to turn ...

The Sirens - 02 by William Meikle

The Creeping Kelp

she said in disgust, for maybe the fourth time since her husband had brought their car onto the car park on the cliffs above. “It’s not exactly Lanzarote, is it?”Dave Welsh looked at her over the top of his newspaper. His nose and cheeks were liberally splattered with thick suntan lotion, only se...

The Creeping Kelp by William Meikle

The Exiled

Simon looked more timid—and a lot older—than the man they had talked to the previous day on this same balcony. And his fear was showing.“The Cobbe is more than just a big bird,” he said. “It is a power—you would be wise not to underestimate it.”“And you would be wise not to underestimate my big b...

The Exiled by William Meikle

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